Dev and Test

Build Faster And
Test More

Eucalyptus transforms on-premise or hosted IT resources into AWS-compatible private clouds, enabling customers to bring innovative products to market faster. Learn how users like MemSQL build faster and test more, while reducing cloud spend.

Cloud Reference Architectures

The path to building an ideal dev and test cloud begins with proper cloud design. Working closely with users, Eucalyptus documented a collection of reference architectures to be used as the foundation for dev/test and production deployments.

Case Studies

See how customers use Eucalyptus to reduce costs, improve hardware utilization, and boost dev and test cloud agility with an AWS-compatible private cloud. Read the MemSQL, AppDynamics and Mosaik Solutions case studies.

Learn how to secure the beachhead for your cloud journey with a private cloud for developers. The Eucalyptus whitepaper, Achieving Agility In Dev And Test, will help you define and design your perfect dev and test cloud by balancing near-term benefits with long-term success.

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