Why Eucalyptus

Leverage Existing AWS Tools

Eucalyptus and AWS have pledged to maintain API compatibility, allowing you to develop and QA your apps in-house on Eucalyptus and then migrate them to AWS.

Reduce Your Dev/Test Costs

Eucalyptus provides developers and IT ops teams with AWS-compatible private clouds that can accelerate dev and test cycles while maintaining IT governance and control.

Empower Innovation With Cloud

Eucalyptus provides industry leading professional services that are focused on driving your success. See the growing list of Eucalyptus customers or read one of our case studies.

Open Source Means No Lock-in

Eucalyptus is free and open source software. If you want to contribute to it, assess its security, or just play with it, you can download it and have the source code at your fingertips.

Access the Worldwide Community

Get engaged with the Eucalyptus community. Connect with Eucalyptus users around the world to discuss private cloud or get your technical questions answered.