Using AWS, Eucalyptus and Chef for the Optimal Hybrid Cloud

Recorded On:  February 28, 2013

In early 2012, Mosaik Solutions set out to find a cloud computing software to be the foundation for its development and test environment.

Hear Daniel Bozeman from Mosaik and David Federlein from Eucalyptus discuss how Mosaik was able to create the optimal hybrid cloud for dev and test using AWS, Eucalyptus and Chef in their development, test and big data operations.

View this webinar to learn how Mosaik has achieved the following cloud benefits with Eucalyptus:

  • Provision servers to meet specific roles (i.e. development, test, project, etc.)
  • Easily run applications and tools on-premise that have been developed for AWS
  • Deploy and manage mission-critical resources in a scalable, self-service and on-demand fashion