Overcoming Public and Private Cloud Uncertainty with Monitoring (2pm EST)

Recorded On:  February 07, 2013

Adding cloud computing services, whether it be public, private, or a hybrid mix of both, changes the way your organization manages your IT resources.

Placing things in the cloud might give your organization more flexibility, but it also presents new management challenges. Without full visibility into the cloud, you do not know how your existing resources are being used in internal and external environments.

For efficient IT-management, you need tools that allows you to monitor CPU usage per computing resource, ratios between systems activity and user activity, and CPU usage from specific job tasks.

Having the full picture with easy to understand reports is crucial for successfully manage a hybrid IT environment with many involved parties. And understanding how to compare and contrast different cloud deployment models will help you successfully plan for your hybrid future.

View the Eucalyptus and Op5 webinar to get an overview of public and private clouds and learn how to build a unified view of your entire network.


  • Paul Weiss, Technical Marketing Manager, Eucalyptus
  • Ralf Labeda, Director of Global Channels, Op5