How to Monitor Your Private Cloud to Ensure Optimal Service Performance

Recorded On:  January 05, 2012

Although private, public and hybrid clouds are gaining mainstream acceptance, getting your cloud up and running is only half the battle. Once it's deployed, you've got to also ensure that your cloud services perform as advertised and do not suffer from poor response times or even resource outages. The impact to service level agreements can be costly due to lost time, lower user satisfaction, and even lost business.

With the growing interest in cloud service performance, this timely webinar will show you how to leverage your existing IT infrastructure to develop an Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud and gain real-time visibility into your cloud-based services and infrastructure resources now running your business and IT operations, including users, systems, databases, applications, and web services.

You’ll learn how to:
• Develop a private cloud blueprint for pooling your compute, storage, and network resources
• Stay on top of the performance for your internal and external cloud-based services and resources through dashboarding and visualization
• Anticipate cloud performance and quality of service issues through trending
• Be alerted to any cloud resource issues that may come up

Time will be made available at the end for Q&A.

If you or someone you know is responsible for private cloud infrastructure, then join us for the webinar.

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