Eucalyptus University Terms and Conditions

Attendance Policies, Course Completion, Cancellation, and Rescheduling


One seat = one attendee. You are allowed to give your seat to another attendee if you cannot attend yourself. Contact us to initiate the transfer of your seat. You are not allowed to do any of the following:

  • Split attendance - i.e. have one person attend morning sessions, another attend afternoons, or one person attends day one and another attends the rest of class. These scenarios would constitute two attendees and require two seat purchases. If you are unable to attend a significant portion of your course, you should contact your salesperson to discuss rescheduling options.

  • Multiple viewers of an online class - you are required to purchase a seat for each person who will be viewing the class, even if it is delivered online. For example, three people watching the same online class on one monitor, using one login, would still need to purchase three seats.

Course Completion:

In order to get credit for attending a course for certification purposes, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have attended at least 80% of the lectures and performed at least 80% of the lab activities.

  • Must have filled out a course evaluation.

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations made ten (10) or more business days prior to the start of a course, the student can request to either (1.) reschedule into another course or (2.) request a full refund from Eucalyptus. For cancellations made within ten (10) business days prior to the start of a course, the payment is non-refundable. Students will be allowed to reschedule their course based on the Reschedule Policy.

Reschedule Policy:

For reschedules made ten (10) or more business days prior to the start of a course, the student can request a different date, a different course, or a different location. For reschedules made within ten (10) business days prior to the start of the course, students must reschedule immediately, and are limited to rescheduling one time and only for a currently scheduled class from the same training provider. The new course must begin up to a maximum of six months from the original course start date.

Education Credits:

The purchase of Education Credits entitles the purchaser to enroll in an equivalent value of Eucalyptus Education direct delivered courses. Courses delivered by partners may not be eligible for credit purchase. Courses can be taken as published on the public schedule or you can also apply these credits towards a dedicated delivery class for just your company, delivered either at your company site or via live-online delivery. To schedule a dedicated delivery, please contact your account representative. If you do not have an account representative, please contact us and we will assign one to you. If a single course does not use up the entire value of the credits, the remaining balance can be applied to additional courses. Enrollment instructions will be provided upon credit purchase. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges for expired or unused credits.

Please note, if you elect for an onsite dedicated delivery, Education Credit value can not be applied towards travel expenses.


Direct inquiries regarding this policy to:

Online (preferred)

Send written correspondence to:

Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., Education Services Department, 6755 Hollister Ave, Suite 200, Goleta, CA 93117

To contact us via phone or fax:

Phone: +1 (866) 456-3822 (EUCA) or +1 (805) 845-8000
Fax: +1 (805) 968-1400