ESA-09: Insecure XML Parsing Vulnerability in Walrus

ESA-09: Insecure XML Parsing Vulnerability in Walrus ==================================================================== Eucalyptus Security Advisory Advisory ID: ESA-09 Date: 2013-04-16 Severity Level: Important Affected Versions: Eucalyptus 3.2.1 and earlier CVE Number: CVE-2012-4067 ==================================================================== OVERVIEW ------------ A security vulnerability has been identified with the way Walrus parses XML in some requests in Eucalyptus 3.2.1 and earlier. An update is now available that resolves this issue. We advise immediately updating all affected Eucalyptus installations following the instructions below. DESCRIPTION ------------- Walrus is a storage service included with Eucalyptus. Walrus was not securely parsing XML messages containing Document Type Declarations (DTDs). This flaw could be exploited by a remote unauthenticated attacker to perform Denial of Service attacks against Walrus. SOLUTION ------------- Eucalyptus version 3.2.2 resolves this issue. Please see for instructions on downloading and upgrading to the latest Eucalyptus software. CONTACT and HELP ------------- Contact the Eucalyptus Security Team at