Contribute Code to Eucalyptus

Have a patch for Eucalyptus? Great! It's a simple process to submit code back.

  • Most Importantly: Make sure your patch is associated with a bug or feature. If you are submitting a patch for a bug that has not been filed, file the bug first. We use Jira for issue tracking. Visit the Eucalyptus Jira site to create an account.

  • For a Simple Patch: Feel free to append the patch to the Jira issue directly. A Eucalyptus engineer will respond within two business days to discuss your request. Simple fixes are likely to be merged with a quick "thank you".

  • For More Complex Patches: Please submit a pull request through Github. You can read more about the Github pull request model. The basic process:

    • Go to The codebase for the Eucalyptus product itself is at, and there are repositories for many other projects as well; see their individual README files for further information.
    • Create a Github fork of the project you'd like to patch.
    • Add your code to your fork.
    • Submit a pull request through the Github website, and be sure to include the Jira issue ID. The Eucalyptus team will get back to you within two business days to discuss the details of your pull request. Complex merge requests will take time to review, and may require the submitter to sign the Contributor Licensing Agreement.

We want this process to be as easy as possible. If you have any questions at all, please join the euca-users mailing list and let us know — or visit us on IRC.