New White Paper Highlights Deployment Strategies and Best Practices for Designing a Hybrid Cloud

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – April 5, 2012Eucalyptus Systems, creator of the most widely deployed on-premise cloud computing platform, today announced a free white paper, “Blending Clouds: A Blueprint for Your Hybrid Future.” The white paper outlines the key benefits of deploying a hybrid cloud, emerging usage patterns, and the architectural principals behind this approach.

For today’s enterprises, the question isn’t about choosing a public or private cloud. The decision lies in how to enable both in the form of a hybrid cloud. Public and private clouds are quickly dovetailing to enable blended scenarios based on dynamic optimizations for price, policy and performance.

Many applications currently live in the public cloud as it provides an attractive alternative to purchasing data center infrastructure. However, as demand grows over time, companies may make the decision to move applications behind the firewall to optimize infrastructure performance and cost. Alternatively, some companies expect their private cloud investment to provide an onramp to the public cloud. For this reason, today’s private cloud investments should accommodate public cloud futures.

The white paper explores how hybrid cloud strategies can help enterprises and Web 2.0 companies optimize for several important characteristics including performance, demand patterns, risk mitigation, cost optimization, and service-level diversity. It also outlines several principals companies should evaluate when architecting a hybrid cloud, including service orientation, compatible service foundations, service standards, ecosystem alignment, and community support.

“Hybrid clouds don’t emerge by chance. They require thoughtful, considered planning and resilient enterprise-grade foundations,” said David Butler, SVP of marketing at Eucalyptus. “The strategic benefits of cloud, including extreme agility, accrue when enterprises embrace a hybrid strategy. Infrastructure is rapidly becoming a commodity, allowing IT leaders to make dynamic decisions about where to run workloads based on service-levels and business optimization.”

About Eucalyptus Systems

Eucalyptus Systems provides the only solution that transforms a customer's IT infrastructure into a private cloud that works like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Eucalyptus Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is open source software that provides access to the scalability of the AWS public cloud while allowing for customization and control of internal cloud resources. By creating a hybrid cloud bridge between Eucalyptus and AWS, customers gain the flexibility to choose where to run workloads. With Eucalyptus, IT can now create an agile, affordable, and AWS-compatible environment for continuous integration (CI) and self-service IT. Empower innovation with a Eucalyptus cloud.


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