Although summer is here, it's not vacation time for Eucalyptus. We have quite a few activities brewing. The next generation of Eucalyptus is getting ready to take your cloud to the next level, see our roadmap with the highlights of the new features) We'll post additional information soon with details about the status of the code, why it's not yet in our public repository, and why this secluded development won't happen again. We even have a video about it, but don't worry: there's no music or dancing engineers.

FastStart! While Eucalyptus got easier and easier to install, there is always room for improvement and, of course, David provided just the thing! He just finished FastStart, a set of scripts to simplify the deployment of Eucalyptus within a well-defined environment. It's great for small deployments! Of course, you can always use our Eucalyptus Community Cloud if you just want to test the API and Eucalyptus as a cloud user.

We’ve also been involved in three special activities: two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects, and UC Santa Barbara’s 2011 Capstone Event. The two GSoC projects are DuraCloud – Eucalyptus integration, and Cross-compilation and cross-virtualisation, cross-cloud with Eucalyptus. UCSB’s Capstone Event is a successful senior course, and this year Team Koala developed an interesting project based on Eucalyptus.

We our working on updating our pre-packaged images for an improved user experience. By summer's end the images will be published with better documentation on how we created and how to use the instances. In particular the images will contains basic tools like euca2ools and mdadm and a custom rc.local script to allow instance customization at launch time via user meta-data. We'll go in more details with a full article soon.

Although the website seemed a bit quieter recently, we were not twiddling our thumbs! The reality is that the Eucalyptus core team knows how to sling code, but their ability to create a website is...uh…let’s say not of the same quality as Eucalyptus! So our newly formed web team has spent quite a bit of time and effort to revamp the foundation of the web site. Some improvements, such as the increase in the speed of the site, consistent visual experience and a new forum layout are already obvious while other improvements will arrive very soon, such as making it easier to find information and additional improvements in the forum.

Tell us how we are driving and enjoy the summer with Eucalyptus 3!