GWOS Now Recruiting Users for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud Beta Program

SAN FRANCISCO and SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. - April 7, 2010 – GroundWork Open Source Inc. (GWOS, and Eucalyptus Systems ( today announced that they have partnered to deliver complete monitoring and management of applications running in a Eucalyptus private cloud environment through the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud solution. The GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud provides detailed monitoring for Eucalyptus clouds as well as for traditional data center resources and public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

GWOS is now recruiting participants for the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud beta program. Participants will use the new GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud to correlate and visualize application availability and performance information simultaneously across their traditional datacenter, a Eucalyptus private cloud, and Amazon EC2, providing superior scalability for applications managed in these environments.

Eucalyptus is open source software for implementing on-premise cloud computing using an organization's own secure IT infrastructure, without modification, special-purpose hardware or reconfiguration. Eucalyptus turns data center resources such as machines, networks, and storage systems into a cloud that is controlled and customized by local IT. Eucalyptus is fully compatible with the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure and is available in two editions: Eucalyptus open source and Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EE), which supports VMware technologies.

GWOS' new Enterprise Cloud package provides automatic instance and application monitoring by understanding the topology of cloud infrastructures and intelligently aggregating results into a single screen for administrators, operators and application engineers.

"Detailed monitoring and management of private cloud applications can give Eucalyptus users important real-time information to increase productivity and reduce costs," said Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. "Through our partnership with GroundWork Open Source, Eucalyptus open source users and Enterprise Edition customers can now benefit from a proven, open source solution to monitor private clouds as part of their overall network environment."

"More and more of our customers are investigating and investing in private cloud usage. Eucalyptus gives incredible power and cost savings to IT teams building out cloud services. Coupled with GroundWork's automatic instance and application monitoring, this partnership provides a robust cloud solution with clear ROI that enterprises can take advantage of quickly," said Peter Jackson, GroundWork Open Source President and CEO.

The GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud beta program offers:

  • GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud usage to cover on-premise, public or private cloud hosted applications and infrastructure
  • Access to Eucalyptus EE, including VMware support to implement private clouds in existing environments
  • The opportunity to provide direct feedback to the engineering and product teams, helping define the future of IT operations in the cloud
  • Engineering and technical assistance for the duration of the beta program

Participants will gain these benefits with the combined GWOS and Eucalyptus:

  • Quickly and easily build and monitor private and hybrid clouds with your existing environment and other public clouds
  • Run Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instances on VMware-based hypervisors within your Eucalyptus private cloud
  • Seamlessly manage environments with multiple hypervisors (Xen, KVM, vSphere, ESX™ and ESXi™) under one management console and transition applications without any modifications
  • Manage service performance and availability based on IT monitoring insight trend and usage reports across environments

More information available about the beta program at Interested parties must go through a screening process for acceptance into the program. A participant-oriented webcast previewing the solution will be held on April 13. Visit the site for more information.

About GroundWork Open Source (GWOS)

GWOS ( is the market leader in commercial open source network and systems management software, delivering enterprise-class network, system and application management solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.
GWOS's best of breed approach gives customers the flexibility to use diverse open source and proprietary technologies together under a unified interface, allowing users to leverage the advantages of open source while simultaneously preserving existing investments in legacy management tools.
GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition powers organizations like Alexza Pharmaceuticals, National Geographic Society, Crocs, National Australia Bank, Siemens, Travel Click and World Bank. GroundWork Monitor Enterprise is available to monitor any environment up to 100 devices starting at $49 USD per year.

About Eucalyptus Systems

Eucalyptus Systems provides the only solution that transforms a customer's IT infrastructure into a private cloud that works like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Eucalyptus Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is open source software that provides access to the scalability of the AWS public cloud while allowing for customization and control of internal cloud resources. By creating a hybrid cloud bridge between Eucalyptus and AWS, customers gain the flexibility to choose where to run workloads. With Eucalyptus, IT can now create an agile, affordable, and AWS-compatible environment for continuous integration (CI) and self-service IT. Empower innovation with a Eucalyptus cloud.


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