Dell Eucalyptus Cloud-in-a-Box Reference Architectures

Eucalyptus 3.4 Specific Content

This page is not valid for Eucalyptus 4 deployments.

Due to the significant differences in product architectures, the content here is specific to Eucalyptus 3.4.

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Expressed here is a catalog of reference architectures that can be used as the basis for production deployments. These architectures are categorized by use case, where each begins with a short description of the use case focusing on the intended use of the resulting production deployment, plus a short discussion of the balance between virtual machines, storage, and certain features/capabilities of Eucalyptus (i.e. boot from EBS instances), and finally a discussion of all technologies/techniques that are required to run a production Eucalyptus cloud.

Reference Architectures

It should be noted that not all features of Eucalyptus are exercised by these reference architectures. Many features of Eucalyptus (multi-cluster tunnelling, LDAP integration) are present for integration purposes, but are not implemented as 'deployment best practice', unless they are specifically needed.

Not included in this reference architecture catalog are Proof of Concept (POC) or Trial architectures, nor will these architectures address the use case of starting with a POC/Trial and moving it into production. If the intended target is a production deployment, starting with a POC/Trial, then the POC/Trial must start from a production capable reference architecture. In other words, a production reference architecture may always be used for POC/Trial, but a POC/Trial architecture may not always be used as the basis for a production deployment.

These reference architectures each specify 'maximums' that the deployment can support. If the maximums in place for each reference architecture need to be substantially exceeded for a deployment, the deployment should be taken into consideration as one that will require devoted, customized attention to ensure its production readiness.

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