Hybridfox Cloud Interface

Eucalyptus 3.4 Specific Content

This page is not valid for Eucalyptus 4 deployments.

Due to the significant differences in product architectures, the content here is specific to Eucalyptus 3.4.

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Hybridfox is a Firefox add-on that attempts to get the best of popular public and private Cloud Computing environments. Currently it supports AWS, Eucalyptus, and other public and private cloud environments. The idea is to use a tool providing a single interface to switch seamlessly between multiple cloud accounts in order to manage your "Cloud Computing" environment. The project was initiated by developers at CSS Corp R&D Labs and continues to be developed and supported by an active developer community.


  • Download and install Firefox
  • Download and install HybridFox
  • A local Eucalyptus Cloud
    Eucalyptus Community Cloud credentials. If you do not have a Eucalyptus Community Cloud account, sign up for a FREE account.

Add Region to HybridFox

In the Firefox menu bar

Select Tools » Hybridfox

Hybridfox regions icon

Hybridfox will appear in a new tab.

Click the Regions Icon

Hybridfox regions information

The regions dialog appears.

Enter ECC information:

Name: ECC

Type: Eucalyptus

Endpoint URL: http://communitycloud.eucalyptus.com:8773/services/Eucalyptus

Click Add

Access Your Credentials

Hybridfox requires AWS-like credentials in order to connect to your Eucalyptus environnment. If you are using the Eucalyptus Community Cloud, your credentials were provided in your Welcome letter.

If you are using a local Eucalyptus Cloud and have not already downloaded your credentials, here's how:

Hybridfox welcome screen

The welcome screen appears.

Click Keys

Hybridfox keys list

If logged in as an admin a list of accounts are shown.

Click the account you want Hybridfox to use.

Hybridfox keys detail

The credentials you need appear on the right.

You will need to copy both the ID and Secret Key.

Add Credentials to HybridFox

Screenshot of Hybridfox Credentials Highlight

Open Hybridfox

Click Credentials

Screenshot of Hybridfox Credentials Dialog

Complete the form.

Account Name: The ECC account name to which these credentials apply.

AWS Access Key: The ID value copied above.

AWS Secret Access Key: The Secret Key copied above.

Preferred Region: ECC

Click Add

Enjoy Your Eucalyptus Community Cloud Access

Screenshot of Hybridfox success

When you launch Hybridfox you need only select the ECC Region and the Credentials created above. You should see a screen similar to this.