HP Helion Eucalyptus is open source software, designed to operate in enterprise IT environments. It is highly configurable and can be customized to meet specific business objectives. Proper deployment planning will help you efficiently deploy configure and operate your private cloud.

1. Installation requirements

Cloud success begins with understanding the system requirements and deployment choices. Whether you begin with the FastStart installer or choose to install packages, it is crucial to review the minimum system requirements.
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2. Reference architectures

The HP Helion Eucalyptus services team has documented a catalog of private cloud reference architecture and architectural layers that can be used as the foundation for production deployments. This is an excellent collection of deployment options that can easily be customized to match your needs.
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3. Test your cloud

As part of the best practices for deploying clouds, we recommend running a series of tests to ensure your cloud is fully operational and will perform as desired. MicroQA, an HP Helion Eucalyptus community project, can quickly perform functional testing after initial installation and run load or stress tests before going into production. The system is fully open source and easily extended to meet your needs.
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4. Need help?

Deploy and manage your cloud with confidence. HP Helion Eucalyptus subscriptions include a customer support portal and access to product experts, for as low as $199 per month.
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