Future Eucalyptus Major Releases

The following highlights some of the features and improvements being evaluated for future releases of Eucalyptus open source private cloud software (in no particular order):

User Interface

  • ELB Management – Support for Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) operations and managing both AWS and Eucalyptus resources in the Management Console
  • Multi-Cloud / Multi-Region Support – Ability to use a single console deployment across many Eucalyptus clouds deployed in multiple datacenters
  • Eucalyptus Resource Administrator – Cloud-wide resource administration via the Management Console
  • Eucalyptus Infrastructure Administrator GUI – Graphical interface for performing ongoing daily infrastructure administrator operations
  • Eucalyptus Installation Wizard – Graphical interface for easy installation and configuration of Eucalyptus clouds
  • S3 Browsing – Graphical interface for interacting with Eucalyptus Object Storage gateway and / or AWS S3
  • Embedded SSH – Users can log in to their VM instances using an embedded SSH interface via the Management Console


  • Capacity Reservation – Provides cloud capacity reservations based on IAM user and group policy
  • Instance Placement Policy – Controls placement of instances based on IAM user and group policy
  • Reserved and Spot Instances – Ability to reserve guaranteed capacity and designate some as best-effort or spot instances that can be terminated by the administrator if additional capacity is needed for reserved capacity, similar to Spot and Reserved Instances on AWS
  • Placement Group – Ability for users to specify host affinity / reverse-affinity while requesting cloud resources
  • SLAs for Resources – Give cloud users the ability to specify SLAs along with their resource request
  • Support for Containers – Exposes an AWS-compatible API while leveraging an underlying Container technology


  • VPC Networking Support – Support for Amazon VPC-style networking features including VPC subnets, static private IP addressing, ENIs, private-only IPs for instances, etc.
  • SDN Integration – Integration with leading software defined networking (SDN) technologies


  • Object Storage Providers – Integration with additional object storage providers including OpenStack Swift and Ceph
  • Commodity Storage support – Extending the reliability, availability and scalability characteristics of production block storage services (EBS) on commodity storage


  • Correlation ID in Logs – Aid diagnostics and troubleshootability of the cloud across the distributed Eucalyptus services and system components
  • Audit Logs – Logging for audit and operations tracking
  • Burn-in Tool – Help validate a Eucalyptus cloud deployment for custom production workloads
  • Log Analysis – Guidelines for ingressing and processing Eucalyptus logs with the popular log analysis tools
  • Cost Analyzer – Presents analysis on resource usage and corresponding costs on a per project basis across both on-premise as well as public cloud
  • Identity and Credential Federation – Facilitates seamless access to cloud resources across multiple Eucalyptus clouds as well as across popular public clouds
  • OpenStack <--> Eucalyptus Migration Tools – Gives cloud administrators the choice and flexibility for their on-premise cloud without any fear of lock-in or elaborate migration efforts

Advanced Services and Optimizations for Workloads

  • Relational Database Service (RDS) – Support for an AWS RDS-compatible service for setting up, managing, and scaling relational databases on Eucalyptus open source platform
  • Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) – Support for an AWS EMR-compatible service for setting up, managing, and scaling Hadoop clusters
  • Integrated PaaS – Features and enhancements specifically designed to make Eucalyptus cloud the most optimized platform for PaaS deployments
  • Big Data – Specific optimizations to be an ideal platform for hosting big data workloads
  • Other AWS Services – Storage gateway integration, SQS, SNS, SWF, Elasticache, Elastic Beanstalk, Opsworks

Additional Features

  • Public Cloud API Support – Introduce API support for other leading public cloud providers (such as Google Compute Engine)

Feedback Welcome!

We encourage you to share your feedback about our open source cloud platform and the Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap on our mailing list, IRC, or on Twitter. Also, you can submit bug reports or feature requests in Jira. Thanks!

This document contains forward looking statements regarding future operations, product development, product capabilities and availability dates. This information is subject to substantial uncertainties and is subject to change at any time without prior notification. Statements contained in this document concerning these matters only reflect Hewlett Packard's predictions and / or expectations as of the date of this document and actual results and future plans of Hewlett-Packard may differ significantly as a result of, among other things, changes in product strategy resulting from technological, internal corporate, market and other changes. This is not a commitment to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

Updated December 08, 2014