Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap

Influencing the Direction of Open Source Cloud Platform Releases

Eucalyptus is committed to an open design, development, and release process called the Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap. We provide our community, users, and customers direct access to participate and influence our product roadmap and development. Eucalyptus welcomes your feedback on what we are currently developing and on what we’re planning for future releases of the open source cloud platform.

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Eucalyptus Product Vision

Eucalyptus is the leading open source cloud platform for building AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds. Eucalyptus strives to be the ideal on-premise complement to market-leading public clouds (such as AWS) by providing deep API compatibility and support for popular ecosystem tools. Innovative organizations around the globe have deployed these clouds for development and testing, continuous integration, real-time analytics, and scalable web applications. Through the Eucalyptus Cloud Roadmap, our goal is to ensure that Eucalyptus is an ideal platform for these use cases. Eucalyptus values and strives to provide software that is robust, scalable, performant, and is easy to use for cloud administrators and developers.

Development Process and Release Cadence

Eucalyptus has adopted an agile development methodology focused on delivering smaller releases faster. We strive to deliver 2 major feature releases per year with maintenance every 6-8 weeks following feature releases.

How To Participate

Want to get involved in the Eucalyptus community and open source development process? Here’s how to participate in the Eucalyptus Cloud product roadmap:

Get Started with a Eucalyptus AWS-compatible Private Cloud

Try Eucalyptus for free on our machines or yours with our hosted Eucalyptus Community Cloud (ECC) or by downloading our FastStart automated installer.