The HP Helion Eucalyptus management console is a web-based interface that allows cloud users to provision and manage resources; it also gives cloud account administrators powerful tools to manage users, groups and policies.

Management console highlights

Cloud account administration

The management console includes support for identity and access management (IAM) tasks. Cloud account administrators can easily create and manage users, groups and access keys directly from the web-based console.

Management console IAM user quotas

Policy editor

The graphical policy editor enables cloud account administrators to define permissions that control access to HP Helion Eucalyptus or AWS resources. Administrators can select from default policy templates or use pick-and-click to easily create a policy without needing to understand policy language. Advanced users can upload existing policies and customize policies within the console.

Management console access policy

Responsive design

The management console has been redesigned to improve user efficiency and support an increasing number of large-scale HP Helion Eucalyptus deployments. The interface leverages responsive design to allow users the freedom to control their cloud from computer, tablet or other mobile devices.

Management console dashboard

Supported services

The management console gives cloud users and administrators a guided and easy-to-use interface for using the following AWS-compatible services:

  • EC2: create machine images. Provision and manage instances, elastic IPs and security groups.
  • IAM: manage users, groups, credentials, quotas and policies
  • S3: provision and manage object storage resources and access policies.
  • Auto Scaling: define launch configurations and scaling groups. Monitor utilization and dynamically change capacity.
  • Admin: all the above plus; Create and manage accounts. Customize VM types

Hybrid cloud support

HP Helion Eucalyptus is fully AWS API compatible, which enables users and administrators to manage both HP Helion Eucalyptus and AWS public cloud resources in all regions. Simply log in to the management console using your AWS access key and secret key.

Management console login screen

Image management

Creating new images from scratch can be difficult and error prone. With the management console, administrators can quickly creating new machine images from pre-configured instances. Then simply remove unused or out-dated images from the cloud with just a click.

Storage management

Includes powerful storage management capabilities to help you create manage and use object storage resources without leaving your browser. Cloud administrators can create new buckets, add folders and copy objects. Easily upload and download files, and assign access permissions to protect sensitive data.