Optional: Mount and Format the Volume

In the previous step you created and attached a volume to an instance. When working with AWS or Eucalyptus clouds you must mount the attached volume so applications can access the storage. The steps below describe how to mount and format the volume.

Optional Task

For the purposes of this Getting Started exercise this task is optional. To complete this task you will need an ssh client on your local machine and the private key used to launch the instance. Windows users may also be required to convert the private key into a format supported by the local ssh client. Skip this optional task

Mount the Volume

  1. Connect to your instance
  2. Mount the volume as /mnt/demo-data using the following command
    sudo mkdir /mnt/demo-data
    sudo mount /dev/vdb /mnt/demo-data d
  3. Use the df -h command to verify the successful mount

Format the Volume

New volumes are similar in concept to a new hard disk. Like the hard disk, the volume must be formatted before it can be used to store files, a step only required once. Use the following command to format your volume.

    mkfs.ext3 /dev/vdb

Verify your volume is formatted by running this command:

    ls /mnt/-demo-data

Next Steps

You have have completed the basic cloud provisioning tasks.

The next step is to release the resources: Clean Up.