Service Level Agreement (ECC)

The Eucalyptus Community Cloud (ECC) is a non-production system and is being provided as a best-effort service. As such, we do not guarantee 24x7 support or a specific amount of uptime. We are, however, committed to minimizing downtime and to respond quickly to service-effecting issues. We will also avoid unscheduled maintenance activities.

We have also established a maintenance window on the 1st Wednesday of each month, between the hours of 9am PT and 11am PT. All routine and scheduled maintenance activities will be performed during this time as a standard practice. In addition, it will be a standard practice to provide a minimum of 24 hours notification when scheduled maintenance activities will occur. We reserve the right to perform unscheduled maintenance to address critical issues.

The ECC provides a limited amount of storage for each user for custom EMIs, data sets, etc. This storage is provided to facilitate experimentation, and not for persistence storage. As such, each user should retain off-site copies of all data. No backups are performed on the ECC.


Upon each new feature release of Eucalyptus, the ECC will be upgraded. This upgrade will be performed as early as possible within our release cycle, and will typically coincide with our Controlled Availability release. In order to provide users access to the new software as soon as possible, the upgrade may be performed outside of the established maintenance window.


The following restrictions apply to all accounts on the ECC.

  • The maximum lifetime of an instance is 24 hours
  • The maximum number of simultaneous running instances per account is 3
  • When there are more than 3 instances, instances will be randomly terminated until only 3 instances remain
  • The maximum lifetime of an elastic IP is 24 hours
  • The maximum number of provisioned elastic IPs is 1
  • The maximum lifetime of a Walrus bucket is 2 months
  • The maximum size of a Walrus bucket is 20GB
  • The maximum number of Walrus buckets is 3
  • The maximum lifetime for an EBS volume is 2 months
  • The maximum size of an EBS volume is 20GB
  • The maximum number of EBS volumes is 3


Exceptions to the standard restrictions will be considered on an individual basis. Contact us if you have a request for consideration.