Get Started With Eucalyptus FastStart

1 Before You Start

To ensure a successful installation your system must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Centos 6.6 minimal server (CentOS-6.6-x86_64-minimal.iso)
  • Storage: 100GB Recommended minium free space
  • Network: Target system must have a cabled ethernet port and a static IP
  • BIOS: Virtualization support must be enabled in BIOS settings. See your device manufacturer for details.

Installing within a virtual machine requires significant experience configuring virtualized networking. It is an advanced configuration and not recommended.

Free help is available through the Eucalyptus users mailing list and the #eucalyptus on freenode. Priority support is available to subscription holders.

2 The One-Line Install

Run this command on your CentOS 6.6 minimal server

bash <(curl -Ls

Version 4.1.0 (Released: 2015-01-29)

Increase the size of your cloud. Just run this command on additional CentOS 6.6 minimal servers

bash <(curl -Ls

Version 4.1.0 (Released: 2015-01-29)

What It Does

FastStart is an interactive installer that automatically deploys and configures a Eucalyptus private cloud on your server. After install completes (usually in less than 30 minutes) you can immediately begin using your private cloud platform with the default account, user and password.

3 Now What?

The Eucalyptus team has developed a series of exercises that will help you quickly learn how to use your new private cloud platform. The exercises were installed on your Eucalyptus cloud server. View the files in the cookbooks/eucalyptus/faststart/tutorials directory to learn more.

Want to build a private cloud to give Eucalyptus a try but don’t have spare hardware? Get limited time access to the Eucalyptus Community Cloud. The ECC is a free, hosted sandbox to experiment with and learn Eucalyptus.
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Need Help?

Check out the user and administration guides, or connect with Eucalyptus on IRC, and the euca-users mailing list.
For expert advice and support, subscriptions start at $199 per month.