EucaStart Cloud Deployment


The Eucalyptus EucaStart consulting engagement provides IT organizations with a thorough, cost-effective implementation of a Eucalyptus on-premise cloud and knowledge transfer on installation, configuration, and administration guided by Eucalyptus experts. Furthermore, the EucaStart consulting service enables your IT organization to more quickly deploy a Eucalyptus on-premise cloud, gain knowledge and confidence, and realize the benefits of cloud computing.


  • Guided deployment of a Eucalyptus on-premise cloud which greatly increases the likelihood of success for your on-premise cloud deployment project
  • Gain confidence and knowledge on Eucalyptus architecture, configuration, and administration
  • Explore considerations and best practices for a successful Eucalyptus deployment in your environment


  • Eucalyptus 3: Design, Build and Manage course (public enrollments) for up to three members of your cloud team
  • Detailed architecture and operations review, including use case analysis and guidance for initial capacity planning
  • Architectural diagram and detailed bill of materials to assist with physical infrastructure deployment
  • On-site installation and configuration of a Eucalyptus on-premise cloud
  • Verification and operations check, including Support hand-off

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Eucalyptus Trainer — deliver Eucalyptus 3: Design, Build, and Manage public course in which up to three members of your cloud team can enroll
  • Eucalyptus Consultant — lead detailed architecture and operations review as well as cloud design discussion, produce architectural diagram and bill of materials prior to infrastructure deployment, and perform installation and configuration of Eucalyptus
  • Customer Project Manager — planning and coordination of engagement including confirmation of pre-requisites, IT staff attendance, and engagement logistics
  • Customer IT Staff — server, network, and storage administrators which will administer and operate the Eucalyptus cloud and participate in appropriate training classes

Engagement Activities

  • Pre-engagement meeting with Eucalyptus and Customer to review engagement requirements, objectives, and logistics
Stage 1
  • Customer technical team attendance in a publicly offered Eucalyptus 3: Design, Build, and Manage course
Stage 2
  • Architecture and operations review
  • Eucalyptus infrastructure design discussion
Stage 3
  • Delivery of architectural diagram and detailed bill of materials
  • Customer deployment of cloud infrastructure per this documentation
Stage 4
  • Cloud infrastructure pre-check prior to Eucalyptus installation
Stage 5
  • Eucalyptus installation and configuration
Stage 6
  • Eucalyptus cloud verification and operations check
  • Live Support hand-off

Duration and Pricing

Duration will vary depending on purpose, size, and complexity of the Eucalyptus deployment. Most, if not all of the engagement can and usually is delivered remotely for small to medium-sized clouds. Contact Eucalyptus Sales for local engagement pricing.