There are several options for downloading HP Helion Eucalyptus, each designed for different experience levels. Select the installation option that meets your needs. Not sure which is best for you? Contact us for free advice.



FastStart is the easiest way to create an HP Helion Eucalyptus private cloud on your own machines.


Install from Package

For users who need advanced customization to deploy large-scale private clouds.


Install from Source

For users that want to extend their private cloud capabilities, or contribute new features.


Euca2ools are command line tools for interacting with HP Helion Eucalyptus, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other AWS-compatible web services. Downloads and documentation are available on the Euca2ools page.

Community tools

HP Helion Eucalyptus is fully AWS-compatible, and can be used in conjunction with many AWS tools such as Puppet, Chef and Vagrant AWS Plugin. This compatibility also means popular SDKs like Fog, and AWS SDKs for Java and Ruby work seamlessly with Eucalyptus. For a full list of recommended tools, please visit the wiki.

Tech preview features

Technology preview features provide early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process. HP Helion Eucalyptus 4.1 includes an implementation of virtual private cloud (VPC) based on Midonet and an optional elastic block storage integration using Ceph. These features are not for production and may have additional restrictions.

Archived releases

Access previous versions from the HP Helion Eucalyptus archive page.

Need help?

Check out the user and administration guides, or connect with HP Helion Eucalyptus on IRC, and the euca-users mailing list.
For expert advice and support, subscriptions start at $199 per month.