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Welcome to the Eucalyptus User Console Guide. The Eucalyptus User Console is an easy to use web-based interface that allows you to manage your Eucalyptus cloud.
You can do many things with the Eucalyptus User Console, including:
  • Get a high-level overview of your cloud with the dashboard
  • Create, manage, and delete instances
  • Create volumes and snapshots
  • Create and import key pairs
  • Create and manage security groups
  • Create and manage Auto Scaling groups
  • Manage your Amazon Web Services cloud
  • Allocate, associate/disassociate, and deallocate IP addresses

What's In This Guide

This guide contains information on how to install and configure the Eucalyptus User Console, as well as a section on how to navigate and use the screens and dialogs contained in the user console:
Section Description
Installing the Eucalyptus User Console Contains instructions on how to install the Eucalyptus User Console.
Configuring the Eucalyptus User Console Describes how to locate and configure the console configuration file, as well as each setting in the configuration file.
Working with the Eucalyptus User Console Discusses how to get started using the Eucalyptus User Console and how to navigate and use the screens and dialog boxes in the console.