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Bundle a Windows Instance

The euca-bundle-instance command lets you bundle a new Windows image from a running Windows instance directly to Walrus storage. Using euca-bundle-instance is an efficient way to generate modified Windows VMs. You can spin up a Windows VM instance from an existing Windows VM image, modify it as needed, then save the modified image to Walrus storage, where it is immediately available for registering and running with the modifications already in place.
To bundle a Windows instance:

  1. Enter the following command:
    euca-bundle-instance -b <bucket_name> -p
    <prefix_starting_with_windows> -o $EC2_ACCESS_KEY -w
    $EC2_SECRET_KEY <instance_ID>
    You can query the progress of a bundling tasks using the euca-describe-bundle-task command. You can cancel the active bundle task using euca-cancel-bundle-task command.


The following example bundles and registers a new Windows image from an existing Windows instance with ID i-12c4af6a, to the bucket mybucket, with image prefix windows2003_bundle:
euca-bundle-instance -b mybucket -p windows2003_bundle -o $EC2_ACCESS_KEY -w $EC2_SECRET_KEY  i-12c4af6a

euca-register mybucket/windows2003_bundle.manifest.xml