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Increase Walrus Disk Space

The size of Walrus storage must be larger than the sum of all the uploaded images. Each uploaded image requires additional space to accommodate image decryption and the creation of temporary working files. We recommend that the Walrus storage size be three times the size of all uploaded images.
For example, you might have a total of three images: two 10GB images and one 30 GB image. In order to ensure that all three images are cached and ready to run in Eucalyptus, you will need to set the “Space reserved for unbundling images” in Walrus to 50 GB or larger. To increase the image cache size in Walrus:

  1. Log in to the Eucalyptus Administrator Console (https://<CLC_IP_address>:8443).
  2. Click Service Components in the Quick Links section.
    The Service Components page displays.
  3. Click walrus.
    The Properties section displays.
  4. Enter the new size (in MB) in the Space reserved for unbundling images field.
  5. Click Save.