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HA Requirements

HA Eucalyptus requires the same requirements as non-HA Eucalyptus. However, the infrastructure HA Eucalyptus will be deployed on must meet some additional requirements, listed in the following sections.

Redundant Physical Servers for Eucalyptus Components

Each cloud component (CLC and Walrus) and cluster component (CC, SC, and VMware Broker) in an HA deployment has a redundant hot backup. These redundant Eucalyptus components occur in pairs, and each member of a pair must be mapped to a separated physical server to ensure high availability.
HA pairs must be able to connect to each other.
If the HA deployment is to be able to tolerate the failure of networking hardware, additional network interfaces are required for the physical servers that host Eucalyptus components. The physical servers hosting a CLC, Walrus, or CC and VMware Broker must each have three network interface cards (NICs). Each remaining physical server (except the NC components) requires two NICs.

DNS Round-Robin Support

The DNS entries for the externally visible IP addresses of the physical servers hosting CLC or Walrus components must be configured to change round-robin style in an HA deployment.

Storage Mirroring

HA Eucalyptus uses a kernel-level storage technology called DRBD for storage integrity. DRBD must be configured to mirror data operations between physical servers that host Walrus components. For more information about DRBD, go to What is DRBD.

Storage Controllers

For HA Storage Controllers, you must be using a supported SAN. Only use HA SCs with NetApp or Equallogic drivers, not with the iSCSI or JBOD SC driver.