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Command Line Interface

Eucalyptus supports two command line interfaces (CLIs). The administration CLI is installed when you install Eucalyptus server-side components. The administration CLI is for maintaining and modifying Eucalyptus.
The other user CLI, called Euca2ools, can be downloaded and installed on clients. Euca2ools are for end users and can be used with both Eucalyptus and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The commands used in this guide assume that the environment variables exported by a eucarc file for an administrative Eucalyptus user have been set. For more information, see the Eucalyptus Installation Guide.
If you haven't already done so, change the default password for the administration user. You can do this using the euare-usermodloginprofile or by logging in to the Eucalyptus Administrator Console. The first time you log in to the console, you are prompted for a new password.