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Install Eucalyptus Nightly Packages on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

If you plan to install Eucalyptus HA, we recommend that you install each Eucalyptus component on a separate host. For example, if you are installing CLC, Walrus, CC, and SC, you will install each of these components on a separate host. You will also install each secondary component (the secondary CLC, Walrus, CC, and SC) on a separate host. In this case, you will need eight machines. Each additional cluster needs four more machines for its CCs and SCs. This does not account for NCs, which are not redundant.
To install Eucalyptus nightlies on servers running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS:

  1. Create a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d called eucalyptus.list with the following content:
    deb lucid main
  2. Download the Eucalyptus nightly release key from:
  3. Add the public key to the list of trusted keys.
    apt-key add
  4. On all machines that will run either Eucalyptus or Euca2ools, create a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d called euca2ools.list with the following content:
    deb lucid main
  5. Enter the following command on all machines:
    apt-get update
  6. Install Eucalyptus packages and dependencies. The following example shows a package install all on the same server. You can install each component on a different server.
    apt-get install eucalyptus-cloud eucalyptus-cc eucalyptus-sc eucalyptus-walrus
    High Availability
    High Availability
    If you are deploying HA, you must install these packages on pairs of systems. For instance, “eucalyptus-cloud” is installed on the primary CLC and the secondary CLC.
  7. On each planned NC server, install the NC package:
    apt-get install eucalyptus-nc
    If you are using VMware, you can skip this step. Eucalyptus software is not installed on these machines. They are running VMware.
  8. Important
    This step is only required the first time libvirt is installed on a system.
    The first time libvirt is installed on a system, you must initialize libvirt before it will function properly. To initialize libvirt, run the following command:
    virsh capabilities
  9. After you have installed Eucalyptus, test multicast connectivity between the CLC and Walrus, SC, and the VMware Broker.
    1. Run the following receiver command on the CLC:
      java -classpath /usr/share/eucalyptus/jgroups-2.11.1.Final.jar org.jgroups.tests.McastReceiverTest -mcast_addr -port 5555
    2. Once the receiver command blocks, simultaneously run the following sender command on Walrus:
      java -classpath /usr/share/eucalyptus/jgroups-2.11.1.Final.jar org.jgroups.tests.McastSenderTest -mcast_addr -port 5555
      The two applications should be able to connect and arbitrary lines entered on the sender should appear on the receiver.
    3. Repeat the previous step on the SC and then on the VMware Broker.
      High Availability
      High Availability
      If you are installing an HA environment, repeat these tasks on secondary CLC, Walrus, SC, and VMware Broker.

Your installation is complete.

You are now ready to Configure Eucalyptus.