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Setting Environment Variables

Euca2ools uses two kinds of credentials to authenticate user identity: X.509 PEM-encoded certificates and access keys. In addition, you must also specify service endpoints.
You must either define a set of environment variables in advance or use command-line options to allow Euca2ools to communicate with the cloud and verify user identity.
You can specify each value individually using the command line, set all of them collectively by sourcing the eucarc file (for more information, see Sourcing a Eucarc File), or use a Euca2ools configuration file (for more information, see Working with Euca2ools Configuration Files).
Variable Option Description
EC2_URL -U, --url <url> http://<host_ip>:8773/services/Eucalyptus
S3_URL -U, --url <url> http://<host_ip>:8773/services/Walrus
EUCALYPTUS_CERT --ec2cert_path <file> Path to cloud certificate
EC2_CERT -c, --cert <file> Path to your PEM-encoded certificate
EC2_PRIVATE_KEY -k, -privatekey <file> Path to your PEM-encoded private key
EC2_ACCESS_KEY -a, --access-key <key> Your access key ID
EC2_SECRET_KEY -s, --secret-key <key> Your secret access key