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Provides summary information or detailed history about the specified alarm.


euwatch-describe-alarm-history [AlarmName] [--start-date  value ] 
[--end-date  value ] [--history-item-type  value ]


Option Description Required
AlarmName Names of the alarm. By default Eucalyptus returns history for all alarms. You can also set this value using --alarm-name. No
--start-date value Start of date range for history. By default it extends to all available history. No
--end-date value End of date range for history.
Default: current time
--history-item-type value Type of history items you want Eucalyptus to return. By default, Eucalyptus returns all types.
Value values:
: ConfigurationUpdate | StateUpdate | Action.

Common Options

Option Description
--show-empty-fields Show empty fields using (nil) as a placeholder to indicate that this data was not requested. Empty fields are not shown by default.
--region value Specify region value as the cloud region to use. You can set this by using the environment variable EC2_REGION.
-U,--url value Overrides the URL for the service call with the value entered. You can set this by using the environment variable AWS_CLOUDWATCH_URL.
-I, --access-key-id value User's access key ID
-S, --secret-key value User's AWS secret Key to use.
--debug Prints what the command sends to the server and what it receives from the server. Use when you're trying to debug Euca2ools.
--debugger Enable interactive debugger on error
--version Display the version of this tool
-h,--help Display the manual page for the command.
--show-table, --show-long, --show-xml, --quiet Specify how the results are displayed: tabular, delimited (long), XML, or no output (quiet).
  • Tabular shows a subset of the data in fixed column-width form.
  • Long shows all of the returned values, delimited by a character.
  • XML is the raw output from the service.
  • Quiet suppresses all standard output.
Default: show-table


Eucalyptus returns a table with the following information:
  • ALARM: Alarm name.
  • TIMESTAMP: Timestamp.
  • TYPE: Type of event, one of ConfigurationUpdate, StateUpdate and Action.
  • SUMMARY: Human readable summary of history event.
  • DATA Detailed data on event in machine readable JSON format. This column appears only in the --show-long view.


The following example requests all history items for the alarm, my-alarm.
euwatch-describe-alarm-history --alarm-name my-alarm --headers
The following is example output.
ALARM   TIMESTAMP                 TYPE                 SUMMARY
my-alarm  2010-05-07T18:46:16.121Z  Action               Published a notification to arn:aws:sns:...
my-alarm  2010-05-07T18:46:16.118Z  StateUpdate          Alarm updated from INSUFFICIENT_DATA to OK
my-alarm  2010-05-07T18:46:07.362Z  ConfigurationUpdate  Alarm "my-alm" created