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Manually terminate an instance in an auto scaling group.




Option Description Required
InstanceID The identifier of the instance to terminate. Yes
-d, --decrement-desired-capacity Reduce the desired capacity of the associated auto scaling group by one. No
-D, --no-decrement-desired-capacity Do not reduce the desired capacity of the associated auto scaling group. Auto scaling can launch a new instance to replace the instance terminated with this command. No
--show-long Show extra information about the instance being terminated. No

Common Options

Option Description
--show-empty-fields Show empty fields using (nil) as a placeholder to indicate that this data was not requested. Empty fields are not shown by default.
--region value Specify region value as the cloud region to use. You can set this by using the environment variable EC2_REGION.
-U,--url value Overrides the URL for the service call with the value entered. You can set this by using the environment variable AWS_CLOUDWATCH_URL.
-I, --access-key-id value User's access key ID
-S, --secret-key value User's AWS secret Key to use.
--debug Prints what the command sends to the server and what it receives from the server. Use when you're trying to debug Euca2ools.
--debugger Enable interactive debugger on error
--version Display the version of this tool
-h,--help Display the manual page for the command.


See the example below for output.


The follow example terminates an instance without decrementing the auto scaling group's capacity, showing extra information about the terminated instance.
euscale-terminate-instance-in-auto-scaling-group i-ABC53ED7 -D --show-long
The following shows sample output for this command.
INSTANCE	194ea242-f7ea-4629-9f1e-a7ba46d435f3		InProgress	
At 2013-05-03T07:58:59Z instance was taken out of service in response to a user 
request..		50	Terminating EC2 instance: i-ABC53ED7