Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) is using Eucalyptus globally to speed up development of next generation mobile networks. By using cloud technologies, self service and automation, NSN has improved hardware usage by 300%. NSN has used Eucalyptus Cloud technologies for the past two years in R&D to provide a platform for new innovations.
Janne Heino, Product Manager - EE Cloud, Nokia Siemens Networks
We chose Eucalyptus because of its ease of use and AWS API compatibility. We had Eucalyptus up and running in a weekend—it just worked!
Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder and CTO, MemSQL
Prior to implementing Eucalyptus, we had to manually configure a set of nodes for each distributed test, which was a very slow and painful process for the engineering team. Implementing a private cloud has completely transformed this process.”
Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder and CTO, MemSQL
Eucalyptus provides the ideal testing environment and is a key part of our software innovation process. With Eucalyptus, we are able to quickly bring products to production and realize an immediate return on investment. We plan to continue to grow our Eucalyptus implementation by at least 20 percent in the next year.
Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder and CTO, MemSQL
Eucalyptus provided us with the most mature cloud solution, featuring AWS API compatibility and a highly competitive pricing model. As private and hybrid cloud software, Eucalyptus also ensures we have fast and secure access to our mission-critical data.
Chip Strange, VP Products and Technology, Mosaik Solutions
Before Eucalyptus, this type of analysis would take many days. Now we can deliver this sort of compute-heavy analysis to our customers in a matter of hours through linearly scaling our processes with additional compute resources.
Chip Strange, VP Products and Technology, Mosaik Solutions
In addition to using Eucalyptus for our development, test and staging environments, we've found it easy to quickly provision on-site distributed compute resources to solve customers' unique spatial problems. This is an extremely valuable capability that allows us to provide assistance to our customers in a timely manner.
Chip Strange, VP Products and Technology, Mosaik Solutions
At any given time, our load-test harness may be handling up to 6,000 concurrent connections to 20 test applications, across multiple groups and phases of development. Eucalyptus enables us to quickly provision instances with a dynamically scalable, agile, and manageable solution. The reliability, flexibility and control provided by Eucalyptus 3.2 sets the stage for us to more rapidly deploy and manage mission-critical development and test environments in a highly scalable and self-service manner.
Thomas Morse, Director of IT & SaaS Operations, AppDynamics
We already made significant investment in development and QA tooling based on the AWS API, and Eucalyptus allowed us to utilize that without re-engineering. Eucalyptus workloads can easily be moved between the on-premise infrastructure to AWS, ensuring fidelity between their respective APIs.
Thomas Morse, Director of IT & SaaS Operations, AppDynamics
The Eucalyptus on-premise Infrastructure as a Service solution provides the most capable and mature cloud platform in the market today. We plan to scale our cloud and continue to migrate more applications to the Eucalyptus infrastructure moving forward.
Thomas Morse, Director of IT & SaaS Operations, AppDynamics
Eucalyptus documentation, support, training material, training certifications and instructor led courses are very well organized and I'm finding this to be a key differentiation between the other open source cloud platforms I've evaluated. Great job Eucalyptus team!!!
Bart Falzarano, Chief Information Security Office, Walz Group
There are many cloud products in the market place, but NIST has determined Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition is the only IaaS cloud management software currently on the market that is built open source and supports private and public cloud infrastructure.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), April 2012
Eucalyptus has the features we need, such as strong AWS API compatibility, to operate a research-oriented cloud service. As we attract new customers, the new Eucalyptus features will further enable us to quickly scale and manage resources based on growing demand.
David Lifka, Director, Cornell University's Center for Advanced Computing (CAC)
We needed dynamic content management and Infrastructure as a Service. Eucalyptus was the answer.
Jay Basnight, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, PUMA
We have been extremely impressed with Eucalyptus' reliability and scalability as well as the dedicated, expert service from the Eucalyptus support team. With Eucalyptus, we anticipate that we will see an immediate return on investment without losing any of the public cloud benefits.
Thorsten Lubinski, CTO, Plinga
The Eucalyptus compatibility with AWS is excellent. We move heavy workloads back and forth with no problems. I think of the two as one cloud. At peak hours, we process more than 1.5 million concurrent users with this solution.
Thorsten Lubinski, CTO, Plinga
Our NRCS planners will be able to leverage the [Eucalyptus] cloud computing services to aid farmers and ranchers in their support of a healthy environment, and enable productive use of their land – we can help them decide on the best course of action for critical issues that affect their business and livelihood.
Ken Rojas, senior project manager for the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Information Technology Center
For the last several years, Indiana University has used Eucalyptus as one of the key technologies to offer IaaS as part of its FutureGrid cloud solution. We've recently conducted numerous performance tests that have shown that Eucalyptus 3 delivers significant performance improvements in contrast to Eucalyptus 2, as well as a more simplified install process. These improvements are highly beneficial for our users who run many virtual machines in parallel in order to coordinate large scale scientific calculations.
Gregor von Laszewski, Assistant Director of Cloud Computing, Indiana University’s Pervasive Technology Institute
With the new Windows support in Eucalyptus EE, we can spin up our Windows and Linux virtual images, built on virtually any hypervisor, and create a comprehensive secured IT resource inside our Eucalyptus cloud.
Joe Lin, Director of Software Development, Data Center Division, TrendMicro
The exciting thing on the horizon for us is you've got this Eucalyptus open standard for Cloud Computing, because once you get a standard that's developed across industry, then I move up and make more of the IT stack a commodity.
Mike Krieger, Army Deputy CIO from On The FrontLines, Shaping Government Clouds, Winter 2010
Eucalyptus is the best IaaS cloud software for Wetpaint.com's on-line content platform. With such an active ecosystem, an open source approach, enterprise functionality, and AWS compatibility, it was the only real contender.
Tony Flint, Operations Manager, Wetpaint.com