PUMA.com Migrates To A Eucalyptus On-Premise Cloud

Like many popular consumer websites, PUMA.com can experience high traffic demands very quickly, often in response to promotions or other industry events, and it cannot afford slow response times. With the continued proliferation of Web 2.0 and interactive marketing, PUMA requires a dynamically scalable, agile, cost-effective and manageable IT system to support its growing digital presence. To address the increasing demands on PUMA's Web applications, the digital marketing IT team at PUMA has moved to an architecture built on cloud computing to deliver the IT environment PUMA requires today—and for future growth.

After months of research, PUMA chose the Eucalyptus Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software as the foundation for its cloud computing initiative to support its demanding and dynamic Web properties and online marketing campaigns. Eucalyptus has enabled PUMA to deliver scalable, highly available, elastic and agile Web applications using secure, visible on-premise IT resources.

We needed dynamic content management and Infrastructure as a Service. Eucalyptus was the answer.
Jay Basnight, PUMA

The Challenge

PUMA provides Web services through its primary website, PUMA.com, as well as through affiliated mini-sites that are often developed for a specific event or promotion. PUMA reaches customers in 45 key markets across the globe with marketing campaigns of varying lengths—some very brief, but with extremely high traffic demands, such as its wildly successful "love = football" campaign during the 2010 World Cup.

Prior to its move to "the cloud," requests for compute resources to support PUMA marketing campaigns required many builds and designs, and they often came with little notice. The PUMA IT team had at its disposal a variable Web environment with four disparate, dedicated servers and complex hosting environment comprising a multitude of operating systems, APIs and applications. The result was a graveyard of apps and sites, some with administrative control and some without. Adding to the complexity, the relatively small group supporting interactive projects had to be ready at a moment's notice for events that could require significant IT support.

The Eucalyptus Solution

PUMA's goal was to get to a point where their IT environment automatically provisioned virtual cloud compute resources, scaling up and down to meet variable traffic requirements, with visibility and under the control of the PUMA IT team. Eucalyptus easily meets this objective.

Eucalyptus provides an elastic and scalable on-premise cloud platform with a worldwide development community and professional support organization. With Eucalyptus, PUMA has been able to implement on-premise IaaS using its physical infrastructure without significant modification, special-purpose hardware or reconfiguration. In addition, because Eucalyptus maintains high fidelity with AWS APIs, PUMA can easily deploy a hybrid Eucalyptus- AWS cloud, and the large ecosystem of software and images that has been developed for AWS can also be used with Eucalyptus. Once running, Eucalyptus clouds are immediately able to run applications and tools that have been developed for AWS.

PUMA.com must be as reliable as our shoes.
Jay Basnight, PUMA

With the Eucalyptus cloud, PUMA can deliver a fast, highly available e-commerce experience for PUMA customers worldwide, automatically and elastically scaling services up and down to efficiently meet variable demand. Now, PUMA system administrators can launch applications on a cloud with one click. They can quickly provision virtual cloud compute and storage resources on its secure and reliable private cloud infrastructure and bring it down just as fast when the campaign is done.

PUMA is now making much more efficient use of its compute resources— improving agility and speeding new application deployment, while also protecting sensitive data and reducing capital expenditures. The IT team at PUMA has automated much of the work that was laboriously done manually before, making it streamlined, visible, and giving PUMA the tools it need to run PUMA.com with speed and agility.

About PUMA

PUMA, one of the world's leading sport lifestyle companies, is moving fast in the global digital marketplace. Through its main site PUMA.com as well as affiliated "mini-sites," PUMA launches major worldwide marketing campaigns and interacts with millions of customers in 45 key markets across the globe.

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