In early 2012, Mosaik Solutions set out to find a cloud computing software to be the foundation for its development and test environment. The company required a private cloud that mirrored the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud so it could use applications in a unique hybrid scenario. As part of the solution, Mosaik Solutions needed a cloud platform that would meet the requirements of its teams and abide by company security mandates. In addition, Mosaik needed a cloud platform that could seamlessly integrate with its Chef server provisioning stack to maximize the company's time and investment in Chef.

HP Helion Eucalyptus provided us with the most mature cloud solution, featuring AWS API compatibility and a highly competitive pricing model. As private and hybrid cloud software, HP Helion Eucalyptus also ensures we have fast and secure access to our mission- critical data.
Chip Strange, Vice President of Products and Technology at Mosaik Solutions

Why HP Helion Eucalyptus

After evaluating numerous solutions, Mosaik Solutions selected HP Helion Eucalyptus’ private and hybrid cloud computing software for its compatibility with AWS and the ability to provision cloud servers via Chef. Mosaik currently utilizes HP Helion Eucalyptus across multiple cores to support the development and staging of key applications including MapELEMENTS, CellMaps and multiple APIs, while also using HP Helion Eucalyptus for rapidly scaling geospatial capabilities.

The Business Benefits

A chief benefit for Mosaik Solutions is the workload portability. The hybrid approach allows Mosaik to seamlessly move workloads from HP Helion Eucalyptus to AWS and vice versa. Other key benefits Mosaik Solutions has achieved as a result of deploying HP Helion Eucalyptus include:

  • Provision servers to meet specific roles (i.e. development, test, project, etc.)
  • Easily run applications and tools on-premise that have been developed for AWS
  • Deploy and manage mission-critical development and test resources in a scalable, self-service and on-demand fashion
  • Scale up and down multiple instances of load generation test harnesses based on current developer and tester requirements without expensive re-imaging or system configuration
  • Migrate virtual servers between HP Helion Eucalyptus and AWS
We are benefiting from a powerful and flexible cloud solution that permits us to consistently run workloads in the optimal location.
Chip Strange, Mosaik Solutions

HP Helion Eucalyptus' open source approach allows Mosaik to get creative with Chef 'recipes' for configuring its systems. Strange continued, "HP Helion Eucalyptus and Chef have allowed us to rapidly provision machines with the tooling we need, when we need it. We are benefiting from a powerful and flexible cloud solution that permits us to consistently run workloads in the optimal location."

Mosaik often supplies its customers with heavy, data-driven analysis. For example, a customer might want insight into the mobile network build-out to meet minimum coverage requirements using a specific technology and spectrum combination. Performing this kind of spatial intersection and computation is labor and time intensive. Using HP Helion Eucalyptus, Mosaik can more rapidly perform the analysis by instantly spinning up HP Helion Eucalyptus and AWS nodes and provisioning the job to these nodes via Chef. "Before HP Helion Eucalyptus, this type of analysis would take many days," said Strange. "Now we can deliver this sort of compute-heavy analysis to our customers in a matter of hours through linearly scaling our processes with additional compute resources."

"On occasion, we need extra horsepower for our distributed geoprocessing system. When we have fully utilized our HP Helion Eucalyptus cloud deployment, we can quickly spin up machines in AWS and run additional workloads in the public cloud," said Strange.

Strange continued, "In addition to using HP Helion Eucalyptus for our development, test and staging environments, we've found it easy to quickly provision on-site distributed compute resources to solve customers' unique spatial problems. This is an extremely valuable capability that allows us to provide assistance to our customers in a timely manner."

About Mosaik Solutions

Mosaik Solutions provides intelligence on fixed broadband service areas, wireless spectrum depth, broadcast television footprints and network ownership, delivered through comprehensive geospatial, analytical, creative and web solutions. A broad range of solutions, including custom interactive mapping, marketing collateral and competitive analysis support customers such as AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Rogers and OnStar. In house Geographic Information System (GIS) and research teams facilitate the collection of data, while a development team expedites customer's access to that data through creation of cloud based platforms.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mosaik Solutions is the global source for geospatial network intelligence. The company maintains the largest mobile network coverage catalog in the world. To provide the most current intelligence available, the global coverage catalog is evaluated and updated quarterly