AppDynamics developers need to quickly simulate loads using a proprietary load-generating test harness in order to develop and test their SaaS solution. These load generators need the ability to run in various locations, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AppDynamic datacenter. Developers and testers also need self-service access to the load generation infrastructure with the ability to scale the load up and down at a moment's notice.

We already made significant investment in development and QA tooling based on the AWS API, and HP Helion Eucalyptus allowed us to utilize that without re-engineering.
Thomas Morse, Director of IT & SaaS Operations at AppDynamics

The Business Benefits

Key benefits AppDynamics has achieved as a result of deploying the HP Helion Eucalyptus private and hybrid cloud solution include the ability to:

  • Deploy and manage mission-critical development and test resources in a scalable, self-service, and on-demand fashion
  • Ensure specific performance characteristics by overlaying a cloud infrastructure on top of a customized hardware platform
  • Scale up and down multiple instances of load generation test harnesses based on current developer and tester requirements without expensive re-imaging or system configuration
  • Increase utilization of hardware resources using intelligent scheduling and allocation of workloads
  • Access the ecosystem of tools designed for AWS, including monitoring, cloud service management, and image management
  • Take advantage of a common web services platform between AWS and HP Helion Eucalyptus Web Services supporting EC2, EBS, S3, and IAM

AppDynamics needed a solution that can handle the volume of network traffic required to simulate load against their development and test systems. "At any given time, our load-test harness may be handling up to 6,000 concurrent connections to 20 test applications, across multiple groups and phases of development," said Thomas Morse, Director of IT & SaaS Operations at AppDynamics. "HP Helion Eucalyptus enables us to quickly provision instances with a dynamically scalable, agile, and manageable solution."

The HP Helion Eucalyptus on- premise Infrastructure as a Service solution provides the most capable and mature cloud platform in the market today. We plan to scale our cloud and continue to migrate more applications to the HP Helion Eucalyptus infrastructure moving forward.
Thomas Morse, AppDynamics

HP Helion Eucalyptus provides the private and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) framework to enable the necessary capabilities leveraging the hardware, networking, and storage required to satisfy the demands of a rapidly expanding software start-up like AppDynamics.

Why HP Helion Eucalyptus

HP Helion Eucalyptus' private and hybrid IaaS platform with AWS API compatibility was key to AppDynamics' on-premise cloud selection strategy. "We already made significant investment in development and QA tooling based on the AWS API, and HP Helion Eucalyptus allowed us to utilize that without re-engineering," said Morse. "HP Helion Eucalyptus workloads can easily be moved between the on-premise infrastructure to AWS, ensuring fidelity between their respective APIs. The HP Helion Eucalyptus Cloud Controller, Storage Controller, Walrus Storage and Identity and Access Management modules allow AppDynamics to provide their developers and testers on-demand self-service access to compute resources. HP Helion Eucalyptus has shortened the development cycle and increased agility. AppDynamics' load test harness can now be deployed within multiple availability zones in both on-premise and public cloud environments.

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is the leading provider of application performance management for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data center. The company delivers solutions for highly distributed and agile environments, helping companies such as Netflix, Priceline, Staples, and Cornell University monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and scale their production applications. AppDynamics provides SaaS-based and on-premise performance monitoring solutions for developers, with detailed monitoring, application health, real-time business transaction monitoring and tracing with sophisticated application performance monitoring capabilities.