Cloud Computing Case Studies

Helping organizations realize and optimize the benefits of cloud computing is what we do best. Through our online community, knowledge base and enterprise-class software, we anticipate our clients’ need for tools and services that evolve with modern business aspirations. But don’t take our word for it; read about the ongoing benefits of Eucalyptus in these cloud computing case studies from our satisfied customers.

Rafter Gets Cloud Smart—Selects Eucalyptus to Gain Dramatic Cost Savings and Agility

Eucalyptus has transformed our business and saved us 100’s of thousands of dollars. We plan to continue to expand our Eucalyptus use, both in our dev/test cloud and eventually in our production datacenters.
Chris Williams, Co-founder, Rafter

MemSQL Accelerates Testing Of Real-Time Analytics Platform With Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus provides the ideal testing environment and is a key part of our software innovation process.
Nikita Shamgunov, Co-founder and CTO, MemSQL

Linkgard Streamlines Development and Test Processes with Eucalyptus

The AWS skills definitely come in handy [on Eucalyptus]. However, we also found that working with Eucalyptus makes us appreciate the AWS API even more and make use of it more often.
Hutch Kolozyan, CEO, Linkgard Systems

Mosaik Solutions Gets Graphic With Eucalyptus Private And Hybrid Cloud Software

Eucalyptus provided us with the most mature cloud solution, featuring AWS API compatibility and a highly competitive pricing model.
Chip Strange, VP Products and Technology, Mosaik Solutions

AppDynamics Powers Up Dev/Test With Eucalyptus Cloud

Eucalyptus workloads can easily be moved between the on-premise infrastructure to AWS, ensuring fidelity between their respective APIs.
Thomas Morse, Director of IT and SaaS Operations, AppDynamics

Cornell University Powers Red Cloud Infrastructure As A Service With Eucalyptus

Thanks to Eucalyptus, we’re empowering scientists, engineers, and students in the cloud, expanding the array of research and educational tools available to them.
David Lifka, Director, Center for Advanced Computing (CAC), Cornell University

USDA Builds State-Of-The-Art Private Cloud To Help The Farmer

Our NRCS partners will be able to leverage the [Eucalyptus] cloud computing services to aid farmers and ranchers in their support of a healthy environment, and enable productive use of their land – we can help them decide on the best course of action for critical issues that affect their business and livelihood.
Ken Rojas, Acting Director, Information Technology Center, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Migrates To A Eucalyptus On-Premise Cloud

We needed dynamic content management and Infrastructure as a Service. Eucalyptus was the answer.
Jay Basnight, Head of Digital Strategy, PUMA