Eucalyptus CloudPack

Your Own AWS-Compatible Private Cloud


Hard to believe, but that backpack is a private cloud stuffed with services like EC2, S3, Elastic Load Balancing, Cloud Watch and Auto Scaling! It has a hybrid cloud console for managing private and public cloud resources. We call it the CloudPack and it's powered by Eucalyptus, the open source software for building AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds.

You can't buy a CloudPack, but you can deploy your own private cloud in about 30 minutes with as few as two machines. Or you can build your own CloudPack using the information below.

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A Private Cloud in 30 Minutes

Develop and test applications on your private cloud at no cost. Then seamlessly deploy your applications to AWS to achieve global scale. All you need is FastStart and a couple machines to run your own AWS-compatible private cloud.

Building a CloudPack


All you need for the CloudPack is the latest Eucalyptus software. We recommend using the FastStart installer, which streamlines the setup process. You can also install from packages, but that's kind of overkill for this project.

Parts list

The backpack itself is a custom version of the super cool designs from our friends at Solid Gray. Inside that killer shell we jammed some IntelNUCs, networking gear, batteries and more. The inventory of all required components can be found on this handy Amazon Wish List.

Assembly Instructions

Now that you have all the pieces, it's time to build your private cloud. We have published the architecture diagrams and installation instructions in this blog post. Don't forget to share pictures of your CloudPack setup over Twitter (#eucalyptus #MyOwnAZ). If you have questions catch us on irc or on the mailing list.