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Eucalyptus Systems provides progressive IT organizations in enterprises and technology businesses with the leading open source software for building AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds. Because Eucalyptus recognizes that successful private and hybrid clouds often depend upon a thriving ecosystem of partners and solutions, Eucalyptus has built a system integration solutions ecosystem with its partner program. 

Partners are the key to success with systems integration solutions. By working with an incredibly broad partner ecosystem, Eucalyptus has been able to drive system integration solution success for our customers and users all over the world.

While Eucalyptus is a key piece of infrastructure software, we always recognize that it is only one small piece of a systems integration solution. We rely on our partners to help us build out that complete solution by choosing appropriate technologies and doing the systems integration work.  We also depend on them for reselling and training.

Eucalyptus offers its partners a variety of certification programs in areas including training, education and reselling. The Eucalyptus Certification programs ensure that partners worldwide are able to deliver a valuable and consistent message and robust, scalable private and hybrid cloud solution for customers, users, and partners. Certified partners also have access to additional features, benefits and resources from Eucalyptus.

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