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Hybrid IT Benefits

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Eucalyptus is the ideal hybrid IT (i.e., one or more public deployed clouds used in conjunction with one or more private deployed clouds) platform to develop, test, and deploy cloud applications. Only Eucalyptus has an agreement in place with the leading public cloud platform, AWS, to work together to maintain compatibility with AWS APIs.  By enabling hybrid deployed clouds, Eucalyptus gives you the controlled environment behind your firewall that you need for internal development and massive testing, while seamlessly allowing for deployment to planetary scalability on the AWS public cloud. No other private cloud platform offers you as seamless compatibility with AWS.  

Organizations can enable agility and empower innovation by allowing engineers to develop and test cloud applications using Eucalyptus, then deploy those same workloads unchanged onto AWS.  Benefits of the hybrid deployed cloud include:

  • Access the same ecosystem of tools designed for AWS, including monitoring, cloud service management, and image management
  • Leverage existing VMware or KVM virtualization investments by overlaying an AWS-compatible private cloud
  • Use Eucalyptus as the open source reference implementation for AWS compatibility to support new developments, tools, and continuous innovation on deployed clouds
  • Take advantage of a common web services platform between AWS and Eucalyptus Web Services supporting EC2, EBS, S3, IAM, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, and CloudWatch
  • Standardize application and usage policies using IAM for both Amazon and Eucalyptus
  • Satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements by using AWS and Eucalyptus to keep private data in your own data center

What This Means to You

For AWS Users

If you already use AWS in your organization for applications, elastic computing, or storage, you can now use Eucalyptus to leverage the benefits of AWS within your on-premises IT environment. This can help you overcome regulatory and compliance roadblocks, increase performance, and add flexibility to your architecture.

For Non-AWS Users

If you are not an AWS user but are interested in building a flexible IT architecture, Eucalyptus is the easiest and most efficient way to get started with deployed clouds. Eucalyptus is open source, compatible with multiple hypervisors including KVM and VMware, and can be installed on any of the major Linux distributions.