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Today’s software engineering organizations, developers, test engineers, and QA teams struggle with tight budgets, limited resources and shortened delivery cycles. These challenges often lead to lost productivity, lower quality and delays. An AWS-compatible Eucalyptus cloud can ease these pain points and accelerate time to market by providing a standardized and consistent cloud resource scheduling that spans both a private and public cloud.

Sophisticated engineering organizations like MemSQL, AppDynamics, Mosaik Solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks have already deployed Eucalyptus private clouds for continuous high-volume, large-scale testing of their applications built for AWS. Applications that test successfully on a Eucalyptus private cloud have proven ready for production deployment at unlimited scale on AWS.

"Before Eucalyptus, our engineers had to manually configure each set of nodes for distributed testing, which was incredibly slow and painful," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO of MemSQL. "Now, we can set up and run new instances in just 30 seconds. This allows our engineers to quickly run thousands of tests, and deliver the highest quality product."

With this release, Eucalyptus builds on its existing EC2, S3, EBS, and IAM features to extend its lead in AWS compatibility. New AWS-compatible cloud resource scheduling capabilities for hybrid cloud computing include:

  • Auto Scaling
    Auto Scaling allows application developers to scale Eucalyptus cloud resources up or down based on policies defined using Amazon EC2-compatible APIs and tools. With Auto Scaling, cloud resources can be seamlessly increased or decreased to maintain performance and meet SLAs.

  • Elastic Load Balancing
    Elastic Load Balancing is an AWS-compatible service that distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Eucalyptus instances to provide greater fault tolerance for applications.

  • CloudWatch
    CloudWatch is AWS-compatible service that monitors cloud resources and applications running on Eucalyptus clouds. It provides a reliable and flexible monitoring solution which allows application developers and cloud administrators to programmatically collect metrics, set alarms, identify trends, and take action to ensure applications run smoothly.

Expanded AWS Compatibility

  • Cloud Resource Tagging
    Resource Tagging allows application developers and cloud administrators to assign customizable metadata to cloud resources in Eucalyptus. Resource Tags enable users to categorize cloud resources in different ways, for example, by purpose, owner, or environment. Application developers and cloud administrators can filter by tags to easily manage and monitor specific resource collections.

  • Expanded Instance Types
    Eucalyptus now supports an expanded set of instance types to more closely align to instances available in Amazon EC2. Cloud resource administrators have flexibility to customize and schedule instance types to meet specific business and technical requirements.

Cloud Operations & Resource Scheduling

  • Maintenance Mode
    Eucalyptus provides a robust cloud resource platform to ensure greater application uptime to meet demanding SLAs. Maintenance Mode allows cloud administrators to perform maintenance on a Eucalyptus cloud with zero downtime to instances or applications running on the cloud.