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Cloud Environment Computing with Eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus provides an IaaS cloud environment computing architecture, exposing virtualized resources including compute, storage, and networking via a well-defined API. This allows for self-service and dynamic requests of IT resources and
end-to-end automation of IT resource provisioning. Eucalyptus has been designed as a modular, scalable system that can be installed in various cloud environment computing data center, and the system can be managed using your existing datacenter automation, security, monitoring, and management tools.

Some tools might need custom cloud environment computing integrations. Eucalyptus implements Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) functionalities including Amazon Security Groups, Elastic Block Storage (EBS), and Elastic IPs. The Eucalyptus Cloud Controller component implements the EC2 Compute-as-a-Service functionalities. Eucalyptus Walrus is equivalent to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), which provides Storage as a Service cloud for Eucalyptus users. Eucalyptus provides several levels of abstraction: the system is hypervisor-agnostic and can manage Xen, KVM, and VMware- based virtualization environments using the same API. We currently support the Amazon AWS API for compute, network, and storage, and potentially other APIs as the need arises.