Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | July 9, 2013
I am pleased to announce the immediate worldwide availability of the Eucalyptus Certified Administrator on Eucalyptus 3, also known as the EUCA3 certification exam. This is the industry's first open-source high-stakes certification exam designed to allow for full access to the item bank from which the certification questions are drawn while still protecting the integrity of the overall exam and testing experience.

You can register for the exam here:


Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | July 9, 2013

Eucalyptus HQ has a big TV on the wall that displays the #eucalyptus-devel IRC channel so developers can always see what is going on and jump in if the need to. Until recently, a laptop drove that display, but that seemed like overkill to me, so I went to employ my Raspberry Pi running the Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix to do that instead. Since the IRC program it’s using, irssi, is text-based I don’t need to use any of the Pi’s precious little memory to run anything graphical, so I just needed...

Posted by: John Jiang | July 3, 2013

This article is an update version of my previous article CY13-Q1 Community Analysis — OpenStack vs OpenNebula vs Eucalyptus vs CloudStack. Readers who are intested in further discussions please contact me via email at the above-mentioned address.

A Chinese version of this article is published at the same time, which can be found at CY13-Q2 OpenStack, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, CloudStack社区活跃度比较.

It should be noted that this community analysis project was initiated in CY11-...

Posted by: John Jiang | July 3, 2013

本文是对《CY13-Q1 OpenStack, OpenNebula,Eucalyptus,CloudStack社区活跃度比较》一文的补充和更新。对本文内容感兴趣的读者,可以通过电子邮件或者新浪微博(@qyjohn_)与我联系。

本文同时发布了一个英文版本,可以参见CY13-Q2 Community Analysis — OpenStack vs OpenNebula vs Eucalyptus vs CloudStack这个帖子。


本文的目的是通过论坛和邮件列表的原始数据对OpenStack、OpenNebula、Eucalyptus和CloudStack项目的社区活跃度进 行分析和比较。...

Posted by: John Jiang | June 21, 2013


测试环境包含三台服务器。其中一台服务器配置iSCSI TGT山寨一个IP SAN服务,将一块本地硬盘通过iSCSI协议暴露给所有的服务器。三台服务器均通过openi-scsi发现山寨IP SAN所提供的iSCSI存储。具体的配置方法可以参见《在Ubuntu 12.04上配置iSCSI Target服务》一文。


sudo apt-get install clvm


locking_type = 3


<?xml version="1.0"?> <cluster name="myCluster" config_version="1"> <clusternodes> <clusternode...
Posted by: Chris Grzegorczyk | June 19, 2013

The recent release of Eucalyptus 3.3.0 delivers meaningful features which make possible a new level of IaaS usage.  This is the start of a series of blog posts which illustrate what is now possible to do with  in Eucalyptus.

New Features

The 3.3.0 release has a number of noteworthy new features.  First, we have new services:

Auto Scaling  CloudWatch  Elastic Load Balancing (our first SaaI service).  Resource Tagging

Then, we have expanded the known set of SDKs...

Posted by: Marten Mickos | June 18, 2013

The cloud computing world is bubbling and expanding. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expected to double their revenues this year, to nearly $4 billion.

What’s behind the enormous growth? It’s the rapidly expanding web and cloud companies who run their production workloads on AWS. Netflix is the largest and perhaps most innovative of them. Others include Pinterest, DropBox, SmugMug, The Climate Corporation, and AppDynamics.

These are the powerhouses of the expanding online world...

Posted by: Vic Iglesias | June 18, 2013
Initial Setup

In my previous post, I described the story behind EucaLobo, a graphical interface for managing workloads on AWS and Eucalyptus clouds through a <cliche>single pane of glass</cliche>. The tool is built using Javascript and the XUL framework allowing it to be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac for the following APIs:

EC2 EBS S3 IAM CloudWatch AutoScaling Elastic Load Balancing

To get started download the binary for your platform:
Posted by: Vic Iglesias | June 18, 2013
The 3.3.0 feature barrage

As a quality engineer it is always useful to have an at-a-glance view of the state of your system under test. Unfotunately, having reliable graphical tools is not always possible during testing phases as the UI is often trailing the development of core features. During the 3.3.0 release, the Eucalyptus development team added an incredible amount of API calls to its already large catalog of AWS compatible operations:

Elastic Load Balancing Autoscaling CloudWatch...
Posted by: John Jiang | June 15, 2013


两台DELL PowerEdge R420服务器,分别配置2 颗Intel E5-2620处理器(6 个核心,12个线程),24 GB内存,2 块300GB的15000转SAS硬盘做RAID1。一台DELL MD3200磁盘阵列,配置10块300GB的15000转SAS硬盘做RAID5。将磁盘阵列的存储空间划分为两块,一块750 GB通过SAS线缆连接到服务器A,另一块750 GB通过SAS线缆连接到服务器B。两台服务器均运行64位Ubuntu 12.04服务器版操作系统,通过KVM进行虚拟化。两台服务器之间通过万兆交换机提供网络连接。

服务器A 将来自磁盘阵列的存储空间/dev/sdb挂载为本机上的/nfs目录,并在此基础上提供NFS服务。服务器B 通过NFS客户端将来自服务器A 的/nfs目录挂载为本机上的/nfs目录。

服务器B 安装iSCSI TGT服务,将来自磁盘阵列的存储空间/dev/sdb通过iSCSI协议暴露到局域网。服务器A 和服务器B 均通过open-...