Posted by: Colby Dyess | July 22, 2014

We've got a wide-reaching edition of the Eucalyptus and cloud news roundup this week, covering popular topics like Amazon Web Services and hybrid cloud, but also digging into the rise of Google as a serious IaaS player, private cloud's critical role in facilitating data security and, moreover, what trends we can expect to see in cloud computing over the rest of 2014. Here's what made headlines in the cloud last week:

Amazon Looks to Extend Cloud Reach with New Facilities in Australia...
Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | July 21, 2014

Recently, I was logging into my AWS account, where I have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, using the Google Authenticator application on my smart phone.  This inspired me to research how to enable MFA for any Linux distribution.  I ran across the following blog entries:

Three-factor authentication with OpenSSH, Google Authenticator and Password | Today I learnt How to Secure SSH with Google Authenticator’s Two-Factor Authentication | How-To Geek

From there, I figured I would...

Posted by: Marten Mickos | July 20, 2014

When it comes to software and cloud services, the concept of lock-in has a heightened meaning. Vendor lock-in exists in all industries, but no where does it take you more by surprise than in software and cloud services. Much like when selecting a house renovation contractor, there’s a hidden penalty you pay both operationally and financially.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve served as CEO at several software companies, including MySQL and Eucalyptus Systems, where I am today. During this...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | July 17, 2014

So much has been written about cloud computing that one might forget that the cloud is still a relatively new and rapidly evolving field. The underlying technologies, as well as how stakeholders talk about them, will inevitably change in the coming years.

For example, a few years from now, terms such as private cloud and public cloud that dominate today's discussions could fall out of fashion as organizations realize that the best cloud computing architectures blend on-premises...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | July 16, 2014

Private cloud can be a confusing term. Organizations may easily conflate it with legacy systems that have received slight, superficial modification - a phenomenon known as cloudwashing - or internal IT infrastructure that simply can't match public cloud's versatility.

In truth, though, private cloud is increasingly cost-effective and cutting-edge. With the right platform, enterprises can evolve their IT infrastructure while still retaining control and ensuring performance. Here's...


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