Posted by: Paul Weiss | August 4, 2014

In this video we will demonstrate how to create a CoreOS image on Eucalyptus to run Docker containers. Please follow along with the video.

Posted by: Paul Weiss | August 4, 2014

We all the buzz around Docker, I wanted to learn more about running Docker in Eucalyptus as an instance. In this video series, we will look at various ways to run containers inside Eucalyptus. We will also explore some good practices.

Part 1 – Running Docker on Eucalyptus with CoreOS Part 2 – Running a CoreOS Cluster to host Docker on Eucalyptus To be continued…

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional videos, please use the contact form.

Posted by: Colby Dyess | August 1, 2014

On paper, private cloud is the ideal computing architecture for any organization that needs:

Control of its data, whether for reasons of security or compliance with applicable regulations Increased business agility to deliver faster innovation from existing investments in IT resources Predictable, easily managed expenditures, with most outlays on the CAPEX rather than OPEX side

Moreover, the private cloud can potentially provide the best of both worlds in terms of IT. The...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | August 1, 2014

Is Amazon coming around on hybrid clouds? For years, the company behind public cloud juggernaut Amazon Web Services has openly encouraged its customers to move away from on-premises infrastructure, and some of them have had good reason to do so.

The continually falling prices of AWS speak in part to the rising efficiency of Amazon's operations, and they have fueled enormous growth as more organizations tap into AWS' highly scalable resources and unique ecosystem. AWS may even be the...

Posted by: Paul Weiss | July 30, 2014
The Journey Part V

In this video we will demonstrate how to modify the packer build process from the prior video to include additional software for our Eucalyptus Cloud. We be adding Nginx to the build process.

I want to thank Vic for provided us with these instructions

I’ve tried to capture the basic steps in this video. There is a lot more to explore but after viewing the video you should have a good sense of how to use to...


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