Posted by: Kyo Lee | January 9, 2014

This is a short story on how a UI developer at Eucalyptus was able to use Eucalyptus to save his time on development of Eucalyptus.

The agenda of the day is to set up Travis CI for the latest Eucalyptus user console, Koala. Quoted from Wikipedia, “Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test projects hosted at GitHub.” In other words, we want to set up an automated service hook on Koala’s GitHub repository so that whenever developers...

Posted by: Imran Hossain Shaon | January 1, 2014

Eucalyptus 4.0 is the next major release of Eucalyptus. One of the exciting features of this release is Object Storage Gateways (OSG). It uses Riak CS as scalable storage backend. It also works with Walrus as storage backend. Object Storage Gateway first came out as tech preview in 3.4 release. To use Riak CS with OSG it is required to have an existing Riak CS setup.

In this post we will setup a minimal Riak CS setup to work with Eucalyptus OSG. For this demo I am using a Eucalyptus 4...

Posted by: Kushal Das | December 26, 2013
What is s3cmd?

s3cmd is the command line tool to access files in the Amazon S3 object storage. It is written in Python.

What is Walrus?

Walrus is the object storage of Eucalyptus.

Few more terms Objects All files which are stored in the object storage are known as objects. Key The filename of an object is known as key. Bucket It is the name of the place where people store the files, it behaves like directory with some limitations. Buckets must have unique names. Install the...
Posted by: Kushal Das | December 24, 2013

Yesterday we had a session on Eucalyptus in my house. Total 7 people attended
the session including me. We started with an all-in-one cloud installation on
the Inter NUC(s). After the cloud is up and running, I installed Fedora 20 cloud
image on it.

During the installation we had some nice discussions around different technology
choices and features of Eucalyptus. Few people also noted the key differences
and similarities between OpenStack and Eucalyptus...

Posted by: Andy Knosp | December 18, 2013

At its core, an AWS hybrid cloud is about enabling flexible, reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Many organizations are now evaluating how they can mesh private and public resources into a setup that offers superior agility for development and testing, without raising (even lowering) total cost of ownership.

Overall, application workloads are becoming more complex and central to business operations, creating the need for solutions that can handle common use cases such as...

Posted by: Kushal Das | December 17, 2013

We have another great release, already 10 years over. I still remember the day I
read about Fedora for first time, I was still running RHL7.3, never upgraded
from there. Had some mixed reaction about the announcement, but, after trying
out Fedora Core 1, it was all fun.

Over the next few years, I, myself became part of the amazing community. People
were from every part of the world, made some great friends and, we go along
very well still now. Releases...

Posted by: Neil Soman | December 17, 2013

At Eucalyptus, we are furiously working away on the next major release: Eucalyptus 4.0. One of the important features in 4.0 is an object storage proxy called the Object Storage Gateway. The OSG is the user facing component of Eucalyptus object storage and it implements the S3 API. The OSG is also responsible for user request authentication and Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy enforcement. You may have multiple instances of the OSG in Eucalyptus, one on each host, thus achieving...

Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | December 16, 2013

I previously wrote about the big, Raspberry Pi-powered TV set at Eucalyptus HQ that displays the #eucalyptus-devel IRC channel so developers can always see what is going on and jump in if they need to. That setup has worked quite well for some time now, but I recently came up with a way to improve it:

Googly eyes have yet to fail me at improving a machine’s appearance.

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Posted by: Imran Hossain Shaon | December 13, 2013

At Eucalyptus, if one thing we care about it is the quality of the product. Our goal is to deliver an AWS compatible software that just works. To ensure the highest level of quality we try to follow the optimum strategy possible in both Development and in QA.

We have adopted Agile Software Development model a while back and we love it. As a part of our strategy, there are several type of projects we open in Jira. After getting the green signal from Product Management, we get Epic and...

Posted by: Marten Mickos | December 12, 2013
Where cloud is heading

In the ideal world, compute power would be available everywhere for the application workloads we'd create. In that world, we would run our services on the public cloud, in data centers, in server rooms, under office desks, in connected devices and just about anywhere. We could choose to know and decide where our apps run, or we could choose not to care. We could optimize for convenience and we could optimize for control.

Today, thanks to common service APIs,...