Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | January 6, 2012
Networking in Eucalyptus requires understanding of three different types of IP addresses and four different networking modes. In this post, we'll take a look at the different IP addresses and what they do.

Eucalyptus clouds deploy three different types of IP addresses: public, private, and elastic.

Public IP Addresses

Public IP addresses are probably the easiest IP address to understand in Eucalyptus. These are the outward-facing IP addresses users use to communicate...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | January 6, 2012

Here’s a list of popular open source products that cannot currently be found in Fedora repos:

Zimbra JasperSoft SugarCRM Alfresco Magento Eucalyptus JBoss

Once upon a time, it was part of my job to help these kinds of companies to work more closely with Fedora. We created the ISV SIG for this purpose. Karsten and I would go to trade shows and meet with various open source vendors, and we’d talk with them at length about the great benefit of leveraging the Fedora install base, and the...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | January 5, 2012
A Eucalyptus cloud deployment utilizes a number of important concepts surrounding virtual machines, networking, storage, and security. We'll start with virtual machine concepts.

Eucalyptus virtual machine concepts that are important to understand include Eucalyptus Machine Images (EMIs), virtual machine instances, and virtual machine types.

Eucalyptus Machine Images

A Eucalyptus Machine Image (EMI) is a copy of a virtual machine bootable disk stored in a central cloud storage...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | January 4, 2012

Eucalyptus is now a proud sponsor of Bull City Coworking. Various folks have tried to get a coworking operation up and running in Durham in the last little while; props to Robert Petrusz and the gang for actually getting it done.

Both Andy Grimm and I are Eucalyptus employees who live and work in Durham.  Now we have a space to hang out in, which is handy, because while working from home has its advantages, if you do it *every single day of your life* it can get old in a hurry...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | January 4, 2012
Cloud Bursting and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
Assuming applications are developed in a dynamic, loosely-coupled fashion - for example, scalable web applications such as web site, gaming platforms, and e-learning environments - Eucalyptus clouds represent a cost-effective solution to highly voliatile, unpredictable workloads as follows: Applications and middleware can request new compute and storage resources when necessary. Any additional assets are released as soon as...
Posted by: Marten Mickos | December 20, 2011

Thank you for a phenomenal 2011. This has been a year of enacting change, building strength and experiencing growth for Eucalyptus. The year of 2011 started with questions. How big would the market for private cloud software platforms be? Who are the real contenders? What about hybrid clouds?

Here at Eucalyptus, we are ending the year on a high note. We have expanded our installed base and our market faster than planned and faster than ever before. In this year we added more...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | December 16, 2011

One of the reasons that Eucalyptus works as comparatively well as it does is because the QA behind the scenes is tremendous. There’s a lot of resources behind the scenes, constantly running tests against various Eucalyptus builds, to make sure that behaviors are stable.

Still, it’s impossible to have too much QA.  You can always use more QA, and you can always use more tools for QA.  Which is why the eutester framework is exciting to me: it’s the first legitimate opportunity to...

Posted by: Marten Mickos | December 8, 2011

Almost a tradition already, I will here summarize my tweets from the previous months. This is my previous tweet summary from Summer 2011. And, of course, feel free to follow my tweets in real time at

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Blog: Eucalyptus a useful...

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Eucalyptus clouds help improve software development and testing efficiency as follows: Developers and testers can now self-provision their own infrastructure and only use what is needed.  Compute and storage resource provisioning time is reduced from months to minutes.   Internal resources are utilized at a much higher rate, further improving ROI.  The overall IT workload is reduced, yet organizational policies are still enforced.   Faster development and testing speeds the delivery of high...
Posted by: Kyo Lee | November 30, 2011

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A Developer Walks through Cloud

1. Little Phone, Big Cloud

A few months ago, a phrase caught my attention: “Instagram for Video”. It was an interesting idea for a mobile application. As a software designer, I dug into the idea, soon to realize one major implementation challenge.

It turns out that video is a collection of pictures–many, many pictures. Given the standard 24...