Posted by: Graziano Obertelli | April 4, 2012

We started the journey of One sometime ago. The original idea took shape and evolved into OneSite and now into Engage. The sentiments and the ideas behind Engage have been articulated very clearly in Darren's blog. Since the time of Eucalyptus 1.5, we established forum within our web site, to allow our community to come together and discuss Eucalyptus and Cloud Computing. It has been my pleasure to help the best I could, participate in discussions, and meet new friends.

It didn't take...
Posted by: Daved Federlein | April 3, 2012

In my last post I detailed the why on this project; this post will focus on the how.  Specifically this post will consolidate the various resources on the internet I culled to be able to set up screen to be used as a teaching tool.

We used a Ubuntu instance to demonstrate from, so these commands may be specific (apt-get, ufw etc.) however translation to another distro should be pretty easy.  Let's assume you have a Ubuntu image up and running and ready to be configured...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | April 2, 2012

Contributor Agreements have become a standard mechanism by which open source projects safeguard their rights to accept software into the project.  Canonical, CloudStack and OpenStack are just a few illustrative examples.

The purpose of these agreements is to handle cases that open source licenses might not handle appropriately.  For example: what does the project do if someone contributes code, and then later it turns out that the contributor didn’t actually own the code in question...

Posted by: Daved Federlein | April 2, 2012

At Eucalyptus one of the community projects that was suggested was to have IRC-based sessions in the style of "Learn From Eucalyptus."  In this series of blog posts I will detail the process by which EucaSchool was born: what tools were used, the pitfalls we encountered and ultimately how we've streamlined this process.  In the end, this is a work in progress with the following goals:

Connect with community users on topics of interest for less formal learning sessions. Accomplish the...
Posted by: Lester Wade | April 1, 2012

Hi all,

I recently spent some time investigating this with my good colleague Andy Grimm. I had some initial issues in creating a RHEL6 image for KVM which would boot from EBS. Boot from EBS (sometimes referred to as bfEBS) is a new feature in Eucalyptus 3.X which allows a cloud administrator to back an instance with an EBS volume, thus giving persistence in the VM. This feature is present in AWS.

Below are some of my steps I used to create a RHEL6 guest image as a bfEBS volume...

Posted by: Greg DeKoenigsberg | March 30, 2012

I’m excited for our first #eucalyptus-classroom session on freenode on Monday (noon Eastern US time). Expect it to be the first of many.

The topic for this first meeting is Eutester, which is the new Eucalyptus harness for writing test cases.  This is A Big Deal, since Eutester is based on boto and paramiko, which are also compatible with AWS.  For users who are planning to script interactions between Eucalyptus and AWS, Eutester will be absolutely invaluable.  We’re also going to be...

Posted by: Vic Iglesias | March 29, 2012
Installing dependencies on system Check that Python 2.6 or greater is installed, in my case (Ubuntu 11.10) Python 2.7 is installed by default Install python setup-tools and python-virtualenv apt-get install python-setuptools python-virtualenv git Creating your virtualenv and installing required modules First create a fresh virtual Python environment in order to keep unwanted changes out of the main Python installation.  In my case I named it “eutester-dev”. virtualenv eutester-dev In order...
Posted by: Graziano Obertelli | March 28, 2012

The International ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC) will commemorate its first 20 years with a special proceeding containing the best 20 papers. Rich Wolski, and Steve Fitzgerald, respectively founder and CTO, and VP of Technical Services at Eucalyptus Systems, will each have 2 papers published in that proceeding. Rich will have Forecasting Network Performance To Support Dynamic Scheduling Using The Network Weather Service (NWS) and Scheduling from...

Posted by: Imran Hossain Shaon | March 28, 2012

I am working on this Nilgiri project lately aiming to provide a flexible environment of managing private cloud or hybrid cloud to the end users as well as for the sysadmins to make managing cloud simpler than ever. So, someone … Continue reading →

Posted by: Lester Wade | March 26, 2012

I started making some notes on how EBS volume creation can be tracked and troubleshot in Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus 3.X + btw).  I figured this would make a good blog post, so I’ve just dumped all the information into here and I’ll let Google do the rest  I’ll update it as I go along and provide more hints in the troubleshooting section, this will also make it into the Eucalyptus Knowledge Base, albeit in different form and smaller chunks.  I hope this is useful to some.

Creating &...