Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | November 19, 2013

Docker has been in the news lately as one of the hot open-source project promoting linux containers.  The focus of this blog entry is to show how to deploy Docker on Eucalyptus from a cloud administrator’s point-of-view – all in the cloud.  This is a step-by-step guide to create an Docker EMI from an existing Ubuntu Cloud Raring EMI using AWS’s documentation.  This entry will also show how to build euca2ools from source in the Ubuntu Cloud image.



Posted by: Marten Mickos | October 23, 2013

Business units are increasingly turning to the cloud for their IT needs, and CIO-led IT organizations are becoming integrators of software and services over a set of known APIs. From the top of the organization, instructions to be lean and agile are issued. In short, the new IT is a mutual affair between the business unit and IT organization that must become cheaper and faster. The new IT must be able to offer the same support for workloads within the firewall as are offered on the public...

Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | October 15, 2013

IAM Roles in AWS are quite powerful – especially when users need instances to access service APIs to implement complex deployments.  In the past, this could be accomplished by passing access keys and secret keys through the instance user data service, which can be cumbersome and is quite insecure.  With IAM roles, instances can be launched with profiles that allow them to leverage various IAM policies provided by the user to control what service APIs  instances can access in a secure manner...

Posted by: John Jiang | October 3, 2013

本文是对《CY13-Q2 OpenStack, OpenNebula,Eucalyptus,CloudStack社区活跃度比较》一文的补充和更新。对本文内容感兴趣的读者,可以通过电子邮件或者新浪微博(@qyjohn_)与我联系。

本文同时发布了一个英文版本,可以参见CY13-Q3 Community Analysis — OpenStack vs OpenNebula vs Eucalyptus vs CloudStack这个帖子。

需要说明的是,这个社区活跃度比较项目起源于CY11-Q4,此篇报告是到目前为止已经发布的第七个季度性的报告。尽管作者于2012年10月至2013年7 月间曾短暂地就职于Eucalyptus公司,但是本文中所表达之观点完全是作者本人的观点,而非作者目前或以前所在公司的观点。

本文的目的是通过论坛和邮件列表的原始数据对OpenStack、OpenNebula、Eucalyptus和CloudStack项目的社区活跃度进 行分析和比较。...

Posted by: John Jiang | October 3, 2013

This article is an update version of my previous article CY13-Q2 Community Analysis — OpenStack vs OpenNebula vs Eucalyptus vs CloudStack. Readers who are intested in further discussions please contact me via email at the above-mentioned address.

A Chinese version of this article is published at the same time, which can be found at CY13-Q3 OpenStack, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, CloudStack社区活跃度比较.

It should be noted that this community analysis project was initiated in CY11-...


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