Posted by: Vic Iglesias | December 10, 2013

One of the beautiful things about working with IaaS is the disposable nature of instances. If they are not behaving properly due to a bug or have been misconfigured for some reason, instances can be terminated and rebuilt with more ease than debugging a long lived and churned through Linux system. As a quality engineer, this dispensability has become invaluable in testing and developing new tools without needing to baby physical or virtual machines.

One of the projects I...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | December 10, 2013

Why use a private cloud? Many IT managers have wrestled with this question as they modernize IT environments with an eye toward improving cost-effectiveness. There are several obstacles that have held back private cloud adoption, but they are addressable with better guidance. With company-wide support, private clouds and hybrid infrastructure can be front and center in application development and deployment strategies.

Some of the Top Current Obstacles to Private Cloud Implementation...
Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | December 9, 2013

The FAT32 filesystem is the closest thing we have to a universal standard for passing data around, but with the capacity of modern USB flash drives its 4 GB file size limitation has become problematic. exFAT is a popular contender for dealing with that, but the patent issues that surround it make true portability a pipe dream at best.

Enter UDF. As the filesystem of choice for DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, UDF support is ubiquitous. Appropriately-formatted disks are readable by operating...

Posted by: Kushal Das | December 8, 2013

The idea of this blog post comes from a book tile, The year without
pants, you should read that.

Last Monday, I joined Eucalyptus Inc. , a
company located in Santa Barbara in USA with employees in different
parts of the world. Yes, this is my first full time remote job and this
post is about the experience of the first 5 days.

On day one I started with fixing my new work vm (as I am yet to get a
new laptop) and setting up different work related...

Posted by: Harold Spencer, Jr. | November 30, 2013

Ubuntu provides versatile cloud images that can be utilized on various cloud deployment infrastructures.  Eucalyptus’s euca2ools eustore tool makes it easier for cloud administrator’s to bundle, upload and register images on Eucalyptus clouds.  Using eustore-install-image with Ubuntu Cloud images provides the best of both worlds – solid cloud images that can be easily deployed to any Eucalyptus cloud environment.

Set Up Euca2ools Configuration File

Setting up a euca2ools configuration...


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