Posted by: Andrew Hamilton | June 16, 2012

When working with IaaS easily provisioning bare metal is always needed. So, Eucalyptus uses preseed files to setup Debian and Ubuntu servers for testing software, supporting customers, and education new users. At times there are complex needs for how the servers are setup and it is not always an easy task.

When first starting out with preseed with the need for a complex partition setup, partman-auto/expert_recipe can look daunting. There can be many questions with regard to the...

Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | June 14, 2012

We’ve all been there, running git merge only to have it spew CONFLICT all over the place and quit partway through. But if we already know that every time there is a conflict then all of “our” code that we are merging changes into should take precedence over “their” changes that we are pulling in, git 1.7.3 provides a handy shortcut for that:

% git merge -X ours theirbranch

If “their” changes that we are pulling in should always take precedence instead then things are equally...

Posted by: Andrew Hamilton | June 11, 2012

When working on an IaaS product, there is a constant need to have an easy and quick way to re-provision bare metal quickly. At Eucalyptus we utilize  Cobbler and a home grown solution that allow us to setup servers automatically. PXE along with kickstart/preseed configurations create an easy, consistent and automated way to setup bare metal on the fly. Setting this up though is not always as easy as one would like for some operating systems and hardware configurations.

When netbooting...

Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | June 8, 2012

Today I found myself needing to move some commits between two repositories. In general the best way to do this is by pulling changes from one into the other, but in this case the repositories did not have direct access to each other. Rather than copying an entire repository from one machine to another or mucking about with a pile of patches, we can save time by performing the sending and receiving sides of the network-enabled git fetch command by hand.

In the source repository, add...

Posted by: Graziano Obertelli | June 6, 2012

The title of this blog says it all: in this blog I will detail how I created my own private Eucalyptus cloud on my laptop, using VMs, bridge and iptables, and of course Silvereye. The instructions may be specific of my laptop, which runs Debian Sid. The relevant specs of the laptop (a Lenovo x220t to be precise) are: 8GB of RAM, CPU is INTEL i5-2520M, and a 160GB SSD. Let me repeat: this is a developer cloud setup, which means that it will do the testing I need to do, but it doesn't run any...

Posted by: Eucalyptus Professional Services | June 6, 2012
In a few weeks, we will be launching our first-ever certification program, the Eucalyptus Certified Professional on Eucalyptus 3 (EUCP3).  We wanted to give you early notice about its availability, and make sure you are given a prime opportunity to sign up for the beta exam. We have not pinned an exact date down, however we are making early seats available for pre-purchase.  FAQ Below:

What is this about?

Eucalyptus is launching the Eucalyptus Certified Professional on Eucalyptus 3...

Posted by: Marten Mickos | June 5, 2012

What happens when half of the world's population lives in cities? When over 3 billion people are online? When there are more than 15 billion connected devices? - Old organizational models hit end of life. People behave differently. Organizations behave differently. What worked in the old world doesn't work in the new.

Through the ages, people have collaborated around common goals. Joint creation and joint production are no new ideas. It could be argued that the old religious...

Posted by: Rich Wolski | June 4, 2012

In the last post on HA I tried to provide some of my perspective on the "what" and "why" of the High Availability (HA) feature in Eucalyptus. This follow-up post is intended to focus on the "how," and, as a result, delves into some of the implementation details, albeit at the architectural level.

There are two important architectural features of Eucalyptus that influence its implementation of HA. Eucalyptus consists of individual service components each of which "plugs" into a...

Posted by: Garrett Holmstrom | May 25, 2012

Every once in a while I find myself trying to install something, but not knowing what package contains it.

# yum install g++ Setting up Install Process No package g++ available. Error: Nothing to do

But if you’re using a modern version of yum (i.e. that of RHEL 6 or Fedora) then you can simply tell it to install the program you’re looking for.

# yum install /usr/bin/g++ Setting up Install Process Resolving Dependencies --> Running transaction check --->...
Posted by: Andrew Hamilton | May 24, 2012

Automation and configuration management is a big part of any successful cloud deployment. Whether on AWS, Eucalyptus or another cloud provider, having services that can be easily spun up and down with a consistent configuration is a must at cloud scale. The recipes project is looking to assist new cloud users with a first step.

The recipes project is attempting to be as vendor agnostic as possible by using both Puppet and Chef with the possible expansion to more options (Fabric,...