Posted by: Tim Zeller | March 20, 2014

On the surface, the costs of public cloud computing are inexorably going down, making it a more attractive for many organizations. But, as I've noted before, accurately assessing cloud TCO is a difficult process that must account for performance, not just price and speed. Many organizations can improve their cloud economics by shifting some workloads to private infrastructure.

What's Happening with Public Cloud Prices?

Are organizations really reaping operational and economic...

Posted by: Tim Zeller | March 18, 2014

Eucalyptus vice president of community and product Greg DeKoenigsberg recently spoke to Open Source Delivers about the current state and future of cloud adoption, as well as APIs, Amazon Web Services and the robust rate of contribution to open source cloud ecosystems. Eucalyptus has benefited from the gaining momentum of the private cloud, which has become increasingly popular as organizations look to control overall IT expenses, maintain compliance and increase agility across development,...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | March 17, 2014

Web applications have come a long way in a short time. In the past, software was often quickly developed and launched, but its bugs weren't ironed out until after the fact, due to the tediousness of most testing procedures. Developers and testers had to click around an application to find bugs, but by the time that they had discovered the main problems, they might already be on the verge of having to add new features that would in turn require additional screening and troubleshooting.

Posted by: Kushal Das | March 14, 2014

This was my first FOSSASIA. The event was in Phonm Penh, Cambodia. We
reached the city one day before the event. The night before the event
there was a pre-event meetup with the speakers and volunteers. There
were 71 speakers from 21 different countries. Met few old friends after
long time and made some new friends.

I spent the most of the night in room 317 with Praveen and Gnokii
preparing the demo during my talk.

Day one started with a packed...

Posted by: Colby Dyess | March 12, 2014

Think about the changing nature of application demand today. Demand patterns that used to be relatively stable and predictable are now anything but.

Like the weather patterns found in nature, end-user demand is become more intense and less predictable. And like forces of nature, this demand can be unrelenting.

The social and mobile webs have completely changed the game by allowing applications to reach connected communities that drive unpredictable, often explosive demand....


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